2008 Desert 100 April 5th & 6th

21 01 2008

The 2008 Desert 100 is scheduled for April 5th & 6th in Odessa WA. Use the links below to download the flyers. Also be sure to check out our web pages dedicated to the Desert 100 and the Desert 100 forum.

Directions: Use the map below to obtain directions to Odessa, WA. From Odessa, head west on W 1st Ave/WA-28. Continue to follow WA-28 for approximately 7.5 miles. Turn right on Irby Rd N and follow the orange/black arrows.

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80 responses to “2008 Desert 100 April 5th & 6th”

7 04 2008
Jake (21:06:46) :

Hey this is jake the kid who crashed
Im doing better now but still bummed that i couldnt race on sunday. Thank you for all the help when i crashed, it really meant alot to me!

8 04 2008
Adam (08:14:29) :

just wondering when the race results were going to be put up!
thanks for the great weekend, it was a blast!!

8 04 2008
Tim (08:28:27) :

This was my first event like this. This was awesome. As was said earlier, this was my first, but it won’t be my last. The Stumpjumper organization is awesome and did a great job! Thank you.

I have to publicly thank my brother for providing me with the best weekend in a long time! Thank you Mark for all you’ve done and for the encouragement!

8 04 2008
crfro (09:47:49) :

Another top-notch event. I’ve been coming to Odessa for the past 5 years, and finally talked a buddy from Eugene, OR to ride up with me and experience the Desert 100. In between the groans of sore muscles, and weeping blisters…there were a bunch of laughs and smiles for the long drive back. He’s now in the “club” of those that are hooked on the Race of the Year.

Great job from the time we pulled in until the time we dropped off the trash on the way out the gate.

See ya next year.

Team OFS
Eugene, OR

8 04 2008
JOSH MOTT #12 (10:25:00) :


8 04 2008
Ryan (13:10:01) :


Great ride man. 10th in Open is an impressive ride. We hope to see you up there next year. I crashed hard about 15 miles in and the cobwebs never cleared, so I called it a day once I finished the first loop. The course was great this year…there were some real man-eaters out there. The section across the road was phenomenal. Spending some time in Cabo next weekend will provide some great therapy!


8 04 2008
#189 (13:49:18) :

Anyone know where to find the race results?

8 04 2008
trav (13:50:41) :

race results will be posted soon. keep an eye on the homepage under the latest results section!

8 04 2008
cruisers450 (17:55:32) :


8 04 2008
Rob Flagler (19:04:13) :

Seeing if anyone has a pic or video of the start I was in the top 5 closest to the pits in red gear out of the dust and crashed really hard destroyed a 450 Yamaha frame along with other stuff. Not really sure if I wanna see it or not but i’ll wait and see, everybody said I was lucky.

9 04 2008
BD127 (10:26:05) :

Hey, Rob.. Heard you had a bad, BAD get off.. Good to hear you are ok for the most part… Heal soon man

Nate Turner 19x

9 04 2008
fb racing (11:11:21) :

Reply to (finisher) comment, Yes then did start on wave two . Yes they did show up for awards. Yes then have been at several desert 100 races .

9 04 2008
Don (11:49:30) :

No 50 miler’s were allowed thru the chutes for the first wave! Each helmet is checked before we put a start sticker on it…. I saw several who either tried or was just confused and they were pulled out of line and told to wait.

Who was 2nd place team?

9 04 2008
Don (12:35:36) :

I have to correct myself!!!! We just recv’d an e-mail from the FIRST place team, who did not take their trophy and went home after their race. They admit screwing up and somehow getting on the first wave… they request that things get straightened out so those of you that placed in the team class can expect a bump. We’ll start working on getting the right trophies into the right hands, please be patient as we get things straightened out…

9 04 2008
Don (12:51:10) :

NOW I NEED TO CORRECT MY CORRECTION (AAARGH)… I made the assumption that the e-mail was from the perceived first place team but they were further down in the top ten. We are currently working on getting the results straightened out.

Sorry for all the confusion, should get straightend out shortly, hopefully before the results are posted!

9 04 2008
cliff (23:37:50) :

Hey are there any more pics for the poker run? I went through the 540 pics posted but didn’t see myself.
Great time, will be back next year looking forward to the next event.

10 04 2008
trav (01:13:50) :

there is a few more poker run pics I’ll add to our photo galleries soon.

tomorrow we’ll have about 1500 race pics available

10 04 2008
Don (08:14:23) :

Posted by Kristy – “we were very concerned with how the kids 9-12 was handles this year. First place went to a kid who was not even in the top three, a mistake was made and not addressed. We will not be a part of that again.”

Kristy – There is a 30 minute protest period after results are posted, did you bring it to the score keeper’s or an official’s attention? Thats the only way it would have gotten addressed. We have some photos of the mini race as well that might help clarify things but ultimately it is the racer’s responsibility, (or in this case the racer’s parents responsibility) to protest the results.

Sorry you feel a mistake was made, we hope that you do come back next year!

10 04 2008
AJ (08:44:26) :

we are going insane looking every hour on the hour for the results! Can you please give us some kind of time frame for when the results will be posted? Thanks so much.

Also thanks for the great event, my family is thinking of doing the family poker run next year, so you’ll have some more new faces!

10 04 2008
Don (09:15:22) :

They are trying to get them posted this weekend…. keep in mind, these people have real jobs too.

10 04 2008
Arnold and Lindsay (12:12:36) :

The two guys that placed second in the team race are Erek Arnold (me) and Keith Lindsay. We have both raced many desert 100’s. We started on the second wave and did stay for awards. whatever the outcome for results it was a great race and i cant wait for next years.

10 04 2008
BigDog (16:25:40) :

I posted some film of the start on you-tube. Search 2008 Desert 100. I don’t know if you will be able to pick out individuals- I was up the hill a ways.

10 04 2008
Don (18:18:51) :

Cool vid Big Dog, thanks for sharing…. make sure you have the sound on! The best part of the video is the crowd and the oohs and aaaah’s, there is a girl pretty upset towards the end.

11 04 2008
Tyler (09:23:57) :

when will the race results be updated

11 04 2008
Gerry (10:02:21) :

Results please.

It is way past the period for disputes and they’ll never be perfect anyway. If they are being edited still, just post them as “Not Official.”

Racers want to know how they performed. It is a test of one’s self. To know how they did, they need the test score. Please post them.


11 04 2008
Shannon (14:51:36) :

Jake, We are so glad to hear your ok. Did you break anything? Or were you just really sore? Did the Docs confirm that you did have a concussion? Thanks so much for writing back.

11 04 2008
JDOG (17:22:37) :

A big thank you to the guy who stopped to give me a splash of race gas on the big hill a couple of miles from the pits. I was on a 2008 CRF250R black edition (with a flat rear tire) you were on a yellow Throttle Jockey Suzuki. Beers are on me next year! JD

12 04 2008
jared (08:34:00) :

I think you guys need to find a better way to score the minis race, My cousin got third place in the race and ended up getting 16th??? the guy that won it ended up with like 6th place?

12 04 2008
cliff (21:15:15) :

Hey if anyone has a pic of a red honda number 6, rider black pants with red trim, red jacket with black and grey trim and a HJC blue helmet from the poker run I would like to buy a copy.

7 01 2010
Karen Armstrong (04:34:21) :

You made some good points there.