2008 Frostbite Race Results

17 02 2008

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7 responses to “2008 Frostbite Race Results”

18 02 2008
Cory Durkin (08:00:41) :

Hey I was hoping to see some photos of the 08 frostbite. Is that a possibility?
If you guys dont post the photos, Do you guys know any of the photagraghers
that were there.
Nice course this year, I had fun every lap.

19 02 2008
Ed Gillespie (08:37:15) :

Great event! A special thanks to the guys working the difficult parts of the course – you were awesome!

19 02 2008
trav (18:00:53) :

cory we have a few photos posted on our photo site, look under Latest Photos in the right sidebar.

Jeff Dahners has photos from the long course you can find here: 2008 Frost Bite Long Course courtesy of Jeff Dahners

21 02 2008
R. Wells (08:34:37) :

I took some helmet cam footage of the short course during the race. It is posted on youtube. Type in “frostbite grand prix” in the search, or if anyone wants to link it to this website that’s cool with me. Great event by the way!

21 02 2008
trav (16:21:06) :

R. Wells, I am assuming this is yours, here is the post I made with your vids. thanks again!

Frost Bite Video

10 03 2008
trailsweep (19:50:18) :

Nice photo’s Jeff…thanks for your time!!

13 03 2008
david fitzgerald (18:53:15) :

Did anybody see that guy on the IT 250 yamaha?? that was tight!!