2009 Frostbite – Feb. 22nd

1 01 2009

The 2009 Frostbite will be held February 22nd at Reiter Trails in Goldbar WA.

Click here for the flyer.



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22 10 2008
Reusableturtle (18:36:53) :

the white knuckle was a great event. thanks to all that helped! I had a good time and loved the course. Had to leave shortly after the race and didn’t see results, when will they be posted? thanks again Stumpjumpers!

2 01 2009
Goat Head Racing NW. (19:47:28) :

When we called to Pacific Raceways, they said that the Frostbite for December round #1 and round #2 were canceled due to weather and insurance reasons!! Was the race actually run?

6 01 2009
Wiz636 (13:48:53) :

The Frostbite is a different race than the Winter Offroad Series going on at Pacific Raceways. There were races Dec 20th and Jan 3rd for that series. Round 3 is Feb 7th and the fourth and final round is March 14. There is a link to the flyer towards the top of this page.

The 2009 Frostibite is Feb 22 at Reiter.

9 01 2009
10000horsepower (23:20:41) :

Dead engine start? Any idea how will this be conducted exactly? Practice makes perfect…

12 01 2009
Wiz636 (13:53:09) :

The Frostbite will be a dead engine start, most likely sitting on the bike with hands on your helmet.

19 01 2009
dirtbikewidow (18:28:59) :

I noticed that the date is February 22nd. That is a Sunday this year. Is the race really on Saturday the 21st?

22 01 2009
Debbie (16:24:31) :

No, the Frost Bite is on SUNDAY the 22nd this year NOT Saturday.

22 01 2009
dennis kainz (18:12:22) :

photos of 08 white knuckle don’t look like oddessa.

22 01 2009
Don (18:32:24) :

The 08′ White Knuckle was not in Odessa… conditions were to dry.

09′ White Knuckle date has changed and the location is back in Odessa….

26 01 2009
Jen (11:34:02) :

If the date is February 22nd and the place is Odessa, you should update the flyer because they show the race on Saturday at Reiter Trails.

26 01 2009
trav (12:33:31) :

Jen, I think there is some confusion between the White Knuckle date and place and Frost Bite date and place, and/or the change of places from previous years.

2009 Frost Bite is being held Feb. 22nd at Reiter Trails in Gold Bar WA.

2009 White Knuckle is being held March 28th in Odessa WA.

30 01 2009
Brian (17:28:15) :

It looks like the White Knuckle and Desert 100 are back to back in Odessa. Can we camp onsite the week between the events?

30 01 2009
Pete (18:37:04) :

While it not yet a 100% done deal, racers might be able to move their camper/trailer from the White Knuckle site down to the Desert 100 site after the White Knuckle is over…but only for the purpose of staging them and saving people from having to haul their camper to Odessa two weekends in a row.

There will be no camping allowed until the gates open up Friday morning on April 3rd.

Also, be advised that there is no security and the SJMC will not assume any liability for equipment staged between races.

30 01 2009
Don (19:13:36) :

It may be an option to leave your RV’s in Odessa over the week to avoid hauling them back and forth. The town of Odessa has facilities for dumping your tanks and you can probably find water for cheap if not free….. HOWEVER, we are NOT allowed to let anyone store their RV’s or camp AT THE DESERT 100 RACE SITE the week between. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not assume this will be an option.

We are looking into what the options will be and announcing them in the near future. Perhaps a kind land owner or Odessa citizen will offer up some room to store the RV’s of those interested in saving the hassle of dragging them back and forth two weekends in a row. Our deal with the land owners and our insurance will not allow for anyone but Stumpjumpers to be on the race site prior to Friday morning April, 3rd. If you are interested in staying for a week, Odessa has a little RV Park/ Golf Course and small public camp ground but to the best of my knowledge there is no public riding areas in or around Odessa… that’s not to say there isn’t but I am not aware of any. Moses Lake is close by for riding and I think there is a track in Ephrata if you are so inclined.

Thanks for understanding and stay tuned for info regarding this.

2 02 2009
Tim (14:36:18) :

What are the distances of the Frostbite (Short and Long courses)?

2 02 2009
Don (17:52:35) :

Tim –

This time of year is tough to pre-determine the course length. I am pretty sure that the race chairman is waiting till the last possible moment to layout the course so there is more time for snow to melt. Typically at Reiter a SJMC event lap will be 8 to 12+ miles, with the snow line low like it is it gets harder to get in more mileage.

In regard to long vs. short course, it’s typically just time on the course 1.5 to 2 hrs for short course and 2.5 to 3 hrs for long course. Occasionally JR will get sadistic on the long coursers and throw in some “extra special mileage” but it’s usually just a difference in time spent on the course.

3 02 2009
Mark (16:17:17) :

Hey how much is the race gonna cost me. I also don’t know what class I’d be in…I ride a yz 250 and I’m 24.

4 02 2009
Don (08:21:48) :
10 02 2009
monte (21:29:03) :

hi i would to get diriction to the race if it is posible thanks

10 02 2009
Eva (23:45:54) :

Too bad about Frostbites mini race- is there a base age on the 15 and under class?

11 02 2009
Don (13:27:41) :

Monte – From west side take HWY 2 east to Goldbar… about 1/2 mile east of Goldbar take a left on Reiter Rd, from there follow the orange and black arrows.

Eva – I don’t think there is any age requirement for the 15 and under just keep in mind that they need to complete the entire course and most harescrambles at Reiter are tough and technical courses.

11 02 2009
monte (15:09:25) :

don thanks for the direections this is my first frost bite i am excited to do the race see u at goldbar

16 02 2009
Tyler (17:37:22) :

Is a spark arrestor required to enter the event?

17 02 2009
Don (10:11:55) :

Tyler – Yes, S/A’s are REQUIRED. DNR and county Sheriff will likely be there checking ORV Tags and S/A’s.

17 02 2009
Tyler (15:17:50) :

Ok, thank you Don.

18 02 2009
Tory D (17:05:43) :

what exactly are the rules as far as fire? can you have abrazier’s or charcaol

19 02 2009
Don (08:55:49) :

Tory – Which event are you asking about?

If you are talking about Goldbar (Reiter) – DNR has instituted a “NO Camp Fire Rule” up there… I don’t know how BBQ’s factor in.

If your asking about Odessa – No Camp Fires… Charcoal BBQs are a risk, we don’t want the ash dumped on the ground afterward and while starting it you will likely have visible flame and can expect a visit from some guys in Orange coats to investigate. If you use Charcoal BBQ’s in Odessa, we ask that you be extremely careful, don’t use paper to light them as glowing red paper tends to fly in the wind real well.

I don’t know what “Abraizer’s” is…….