2009 Desert 100 – April 4th & 5th

2 01 2009

The date is set for the 2009 Desert 100, April 4th and 5th. Use the link below to download a print version of the flyer.

2009 Desert 100 Flyer

2009 Desert 100 Poster

Please see the Desert 100 web site for more information: Click here



20 responses to “2009 Desert 100 – April 4th & 5th”

21 01 2009
Robert Walker (06:33:35) :

Please send info when avaliable.

9 02 2009
Alex (16:35:58) :

Is there going to be water crossings this year? Is it in the same direction as last year or the year before?



9 02 2009
RhinofromWA (21:05:57) :

Robert Walker, the fliers have been mailed. There is also a link above to a soft copy of the flier if you have not received one.

Alex, there are water crossings. However the last couple years we have placed bridges over the the main creek. The watere crossing is still an option. Most opt for the bridge…but if you are looking for a spot to possibly pass people it is an option. šŸ™‚

12 02 2009
Cameron Elledge (12:28:59) :

never got a flyer in the mail.. and directions to the desert 100 from the west side?

13 02 2009
Don (10:01:49) :

Cameron – There is a link to the flier on the top of this page.

What bike shop do you frequent, chances are they have one for you too.

All else fails, email me your address and I’ll try and get one mailed out to you.




14 02 2009
stephen schroeder (15:49:48) :

some fellas on thumpertalk are organizing a rally on the steps of the state capital march 13 to demand an exclusion for kids motorcycles in the new legislation banning lead in their toys. any help getting ohv enthusiasts to oly to show support would be greatly appreciated. maybe a notice on the site. more info available on thumpertalk. thanx and really looking forward to the white knuckle and d100. aloha.

28 02 2009
Troy Burgoyne (05:02:00) :

I would like to find out more about the Desert 100 and other upcoming events.

1 03 2009
RhinofromWA (15:57:25) :

Troy Burgoyne – There is a section of this website devoted to the Desert 100. It contains the event flyer and even a FAQ section to help answer questions. Do you have more specific questions. If so please ask. We will be happy to answer them if we are able.

Stephen Schroeder – We have sent out emails with a link to the WOHVA ste regarding the March 13th Rally. I plan on being there.



1 03 2009
Don (18:26:27) :

Troy try this link for all things D100 related – http://stumpjumpers.org/desert-100/


3 03 2009
Wade (12:03:25) :

Last year I believe there was a gas stop at the 25 mile mark. I noticed in the FAQ gas would only be available in the pits-is this true?? Thanks.

3 03 2009
Don (12:37:24) :


Plan on a 50 – 53 mile loop before you can get to your gas can.

12 03 2009
Shawn McKie (18:56:04) :

Since it is dry camping, where is the closest place to fill up my fresh water tank before rolling into camp. I’ll be coming in from the west.

16 03 2009
Don (12:50:46) :

Moses Lake?

Not sure Shawn… I know it saves on fuel not to pull over the mountain with a full water tank but I can’t tell you where you can get water for free.

There is a RV Park in town they may be willing to sell you a tank full of water, there are also RV Parks in Euphrata and Moses Lake that probably cater to these types of needs all the time…

17 03 2009
Greg (19:12:47) :

Are there any riding areas near Odessa that we could ride during the week leading up to the race? (Thinking of coming down a day or two early…)

19 03 2009
RhinofromWA (19:45:19) :

Well there is Moses Lakes ORV area (Dunes) There is an ORV park in Spokane. I can’t remember the name but it might be Nine Mile or something. I think Spokane is about an hour and Moses Lake is about 45 minutes in a truck. Possibly longer with a MH or trailer.

31 03 2009
chuck (08:13:01) :

can credit cards be used for sign ups or is it cash only?

31 03 2009
mx813 (09:16:45) :

Cash or check I believe

1 04 2009
superfastmoto (07:58:31) :

Riding areas near Odessa…
In the Spokane Area: Seven Mile ORV Park, Liberty Lake ORV Park
South of Vantage on Highway 243: Beverly Dunes ORV Park; or the former site of the Desert 100 between Beverly and Mattawa, and East of Highway 243.

1 04 2009
Tyler (15:49:32) :

Hi, I was wondering what the current weather conditions are like in Odessa and what they are looking like for this weekend? I was wondering because a friend of mine heard that there is already snow in Odessa and another 6 inches is expected.

1 04 2009
Joel (21:34:03) :

GAS milage??? Last year there was a trailer we put a gas can on and it dropped the gas off near the half way point, and I also had one in the pits. I have a 2-stoke, will I be able to put gas near the half way point again?