2009 Golden Spike – May 9&10 Packwood WA

4 01 2009

2009 Golden Spike
Harescrambles, Mini Race, and Super Motard
May 9th Harescrambles, May 10th Super Motard, Packwood WA

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15 responses to “2009 Golden Spike – May 9&10 Packwood WA”

14 04 2009
gordon (10:22:15) :

Why golden spike on mother’s day weekend?

14 04 2009
Nate (13:23:46) :

what are the classes?

19 04 2009
John (07:16:11) :

My boy and I would like to run the Golden Spike but we have never run a Hair Scramble and don’t fully understand the classes.

Him: KTM 200 XC-W (intermediate rider) Age 16
Me: KTM 300 XC-W (Advanced) Age: 43

I’d like to run the same class with him as this is more for fun and we could care less about points, etc.

Is there a class we could run together?

Also how technical is the course. We ran the Iron man together last month and with the exception of the rock climb he did great. BTW we had a fantastic time.

Also thinking of doing the GP (knobby) too if that makes sense?


20 04 2009
Don (08:09:38) :

John – you need to decide if you want to run long course or short course. After you do that you can both enter a couple different classes that will allow you to start on the same line.

Sportsman – Runs short course but starts in the last wave I believe of short course racers.

Open C – Runs short course.

Open B or Open A – Both run longcourse.

Difference between long and short course is time. Shortcourse is typically 1.5 hours and long course is typically 2.5 hours.

You could also sign up in different classes but be on the course at the same time.

28 04 2009
Jack Knifed Java (07:11:42) :

To all riders and families! Jack Knifed Java will be attending the Packwood event as well as the Buttstomper at Reiter,, you can exept full coffee bar, lunch bags for kids, chili dogs, taco nacho’s famous breakfast burritos hot dogs, energy drinks you crave it well have it! We take cash debit or credit.. see you on the track!………..

5 05 2009
Perry (06:29:45) :

Are there places close by to park rv’s and stay the night? When we get to Packwood what are the directions? Thankyou

5 05 2009
trav (07:03:44) :

you can camp on site with your RV Friday and Saturday evening. There are no hoookups. If you need full hookup use the link below to find information on RV camps in packwood


6 05 2009
Mike (21:50:42) :

Never ran a hairscramble before can you tell me the details aout the course. I see long course is 2.5 hours is that a single lap, and what are technical difficulties, how much in woods and how much moto
Thanks Mike

7 05 2009
trav (09:40:02) :

being your first hare scramble I recommend you enter short course, both are the same course only difference being the amount of time you race. The course is fairly easy and features wooded trails, an urban off-road section, pavement section, etc., etc. it’s an interesting course for sure and people really have a good time on it.

7 05 2009
John (13:20:19) :

Are camp fires allowed in the RV camping area?

7 05 2009
John (13:28:00) :

My girl is 13 with a TTR-90 and wondering if she would enjoy the short corse. If not is thier also free riding.

7 05 2009
trav (14:17:39) :

john, no camp fires, camping is inside a wharehouse. there is also no free riding.

it’s a tough call on whether your daughter will enjoy the shot course. depends her experience. if she has done any harescrambles before then I would say definitely.

8 05 2009
Lyn (05:48:24) :

The gate fee is $10.00. Is that for truck load or each person?

12 05 2009
jon (06:33:50) :

thank you for putting on this event. me and three of my buddies came down for this event and road our dualsports there. no camping. we thought the extra 10 bucks at the gate was a bit much.

12 05 2009
Don (15:03:37) :

Jon – I think the gate fee usually goes straight to the land owner and in this case i think the land owner, Hampton, donates it to a charitable cause… It’s six of one / half dozen of the other. Some clubs charge $50+ to race with no gate fee and some charge less to race with a gate fee….