2009 Desert 100 Race Results

8 04 2009

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24 responses to “2009 Desert 100 Race Results”

8 04 2009
STEVE WILSON #636 (14:18:45) :


8 04 2009
RhinofromWA (15:12:48) :

It is right there in black and white…

Open 34 Aaron Fuhrman KTM 636 2 4:05:47 AM I take it your name is not Aaron Furhman, was your bib number 636 or your bike?

8 04 2009
letmeride24_7 (16:28:30) :

His name is spelled Aaron Fuhrman and his bib number was 638, not 636. He finished a few riders behind me(Brandon Miller 639).

8 04 2009
Aaron Fuhrman (16:38:52) :

My number was 638 and I was about 6 spots in line behind my friend 639 Brandon Miller. I was definitely not 14 minutes behind him so something isn’t quite right. My number 638 is not posted.

I am listed as being 636 in the list. Hope this info helps to get this all straight. I’ll check back here to see if I can be of any more help.

8 04 2009
nicadrick (20:21:41) :

Will the kids race results be posted at some point?

8 04 2009
Geraldine Smith (20:58:21) :

The guys did awesome. Being in the pits for the 100m was definitely an awesome experience. Thanks for a good race Stump Jumpers. Oh, and goodjob Brandon on getting 2nd.

8 04 2009
Ken Kehnemund (21:36:12) :

Thank you all, for a great time and a great ride:)

8 04 2009
Josh Harmon (21:44:55) :

I have raced this event 8 or 9 times and I must say it was another great event from the Stumpjumpers!

9 04 2009
Shon SQERLES (06:48:35) :

I am wondering if anyone found a helmet cam on the trail on Sunday?
It is a GO PRO helmet cam in a clear plastic case that mounts on the helmet. It measures roughly 3″ tall by 4″ wide.
I crashed on Sunday fairly close to the 2nd road crossing on the first lap. I was about 5th at this point in the race so it could be under plenty of dirt and rock by now, but thought it was worth a try to see if anyone found it.
Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Great event! Good job Stumpjumpers!

9 04 2009
Jeremy Knudson (07:26:43) :

I too lost a Helmet Her Camera during the RACE and left my name and information at the awards ceremony. If someone does find mine you can tell by the footage at the start with a bunch of off and on. Thanks in advance!

9 04 2009
Hoodwinked :) (07:40:28) :

Was wondering if there are going to be MORE photos from the race!? So far I LOVE what I see, but are there more?

9 04 2009
Don (11:20:08) :

Hoodwinked – Please google image by you and check out their site. I see they are starting to post theirs.

9 04 2009
Woodrow (12:50:44) :

I was wondeing who took the photos that are posted on your website, and if they are posting anymore because they are really good! image by you ones kind of sucked compared to the ones you guys have on your smugmug

9 04 2009
Don (15:02:13) :

Woodrow – Image By You displays a low resolution version on their site, they state that on their site. The product you receive is definitely a hi quality print.

9 04 2009
Hoodwinked :) (15:05:38) :

Googled that and looked earlier, but they only have the start of the race and the parade! I am looking for the ones by the creek crossings and more from what the Stump Jumpers have posted. Used to seeing 2500 photos, not 169… however, they are all GREAT and not knocking them, just want more!

9 04 2009
Woodrow (15:58:34) :

I didnt mean that the quality was bad from image by you, I understand that the website versions are low quality, but where they took them are not very good, I was just wondering if you guys had more from the race like Hoodwink is asking.

9 04 2009
trav (16:21:53) :

woodrow/hoodwinked, we have some more pics coming. unforunately I wasn’t able to get as many of the riders as I planned… funny story, spot I picked to get all the riders coming through happened to be just after where some ribbon was missed, so after first 20-30 riders went through the rest came through about 100 yards off course. I think they saw me and realized they were all off course and started coming my direction to pick up the ribbon near where I was standing. As a result, I had bikes all around me and dust everywhere, so I had to get the hell out of there.

fortunately, we had another club member out shooting this year and he plans to post his pictures this weekend so keep checking back for more.

For what it’s worth, I have bought at least 1/2 dozen prints from http://www.imagebyyou.com and their prints have looked much, much better than the preview on the web site.

9 04 2009
Elvis Presley (18:05:35) :

The race was a lot of fun!!! Hopefully i can get everyone to send in comments of what costume for next year!! Stumpjumpers please start a costume class. That would be a hoot!! See you all next year.

9 04 2009
Hoodwinked :) (18:22:13) :

Thanks Trav, the pics are great and I am excited to seem them! I just like the uphill, creek crossing, on the trail, in front of the house type shots versus the ones of people sitting on bikes and not really moving. Start pics are OK, but there is so much chaos. Pictures are ideal when you can REALLY pic yourself out of the crowd, which makes it more fun to purchase one and have it framed where people can say “oh thats you! vs. which one is you?” I LOVE the 169 on the site so far even though some aren’t even me I’d buy one just for pure artistic reasons! 🙂 Nothing against Image By YOU I am sure they are great as well, just don’t like the “candid” format!

9 04 2009
Elvis Presley (18:31:55) :

Help!! Anyone, send me pictures / video of Elvis for my wife. Thanks!

10 04 2009
superfastmoto (08:06:32) :

Does anyone know how many riders started the 100 miles versus how many finished?
Does anyone know how many riders started the 50 miles versus how many finished?

10 04 2009
DoctorDemento (16:58:14) :

At my count, 866 started overall, and 666 finished at least one lap overall (50 & 100 miles).

12 04 2009
jgp (17:59:17) :

is there going to be more pics? because i really did not see any pics of myself or friends that went the race with me. thatnks had a great time at the race it is like no-other.

27 04 2009
Benjamin Skagen (19:52:30) :

15 and under class #470 the name should be Benjamin Skagen.Thanks,great race.