2009 Buttstomper – July 18th Reiter Trails

11 04 2009

Grueling 24-Hour Test of Man and Machine
July 18th, Reiter Trails – Gold Bar WA


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28 responses to “2009 Buttstomper – July 18th Reiter Trails”

13 04 2009
Jason (21:50:50) :

Is there camping, can we get there Friday, very many vendors, how many miles is each lap. Is the course as smooth as the desert 100?

14 04 2009
Don (15:08:34) :

Yes there is camping (free), yes you can show up on Friday, the only vendor is likely to be a mobile coffee truck but Mt. View Diner maybe there selling food, if not they are a few minutes away from the race site and serve up an excellent menu.

Compared to the Buttstomper…. the D100 is a freeway. The Buttstomper is held on some of the most technical terrain in WA state.

This event will test man and machine to the max… get a team together and try it if you are man enuf!

15 04 2009
gordon (18:53:34) :

why no answer to why on moyher’s day weekend? I would’ve loved to come but like others that I know can’t come because already have plans to spend it with my mother. Maybe in years to come events can be on non holiday weekends.

16 04 2009
Don (07:49:29) :

Scheduling ultimately comes down to the land owner and the existing NMA schedule…

I did not schedule the race but I hope this answers your question.

17 04 2009
mx813 (10:31:54) :

For the mother’s day weekend, the NMA points race is on a Saturday still leaving Sunday open to spend with mom.

21 04 2009
Jason (19:21:38) :

Is Reiters pit a place to bring the jeep, herd some people montion it at a mud bog event last year. Just wonderring cuz wouldnt mind rolling over in a couple of weeks and getting a preview of the terraine.

22 04 2009
Don (07:06:27) :

Reiter sucks for wheeling……

26 04 2009
Jason (16:35:37) :

Reiter has some good wheelin. For riding I felt walker valley was paradise compared to reiter…rocks, rocks,rocks.. Install a skid plate or crack your case.. reiter rocks!

28 04 2009
JACK KNIFED JAVA (07:14:11) :

To all riders and families! Jack Knifed Java will be attending the Packwood event as well as the Buttstomper at Reiter,, you can exept full coffee bar, lunch bags for kids, chili dogs, taco nacho’s famous breakfast burritos hot dogs, energy drinks you crave it well have it! We take cash debit or credit.. see you on the track!………..

16 05 2009
Josh Rudd (19:57:02) :

How hard is the buttstomper usually? Can a 14 year-old intermediate ride it without craping himself?

17 05 2009
Niko Gabaldo (20:41:29) :

Im 14 year old expert i took second at the desert 100 and white knuckle raced this race last year and it is harder than s**t but a super fun event!!!

18 05 2009
Don (08:53:23) :

The Buttstomper makes the D100 and White Knuckle look like and feel like cake walks.

The Buttstomper is the most grueling race in WA… period! For this reason, everyone should do it!

Josh, there is a 15 and under class… you will lights.

Have fun!

19 05 2009
Josh Rudd (14:34:02) :

Awsome. Is the course different for the 15 and under class? Could I ride it? ( Im the 14 year old intermediate rider with the RM 125)

20 05 2009
Don (12:55:10) :

The course is no different for the 15 & Under class. Sure, you can ride it but it is gnarly, just be prepared…. this is a 24 hour race, are you going to form a team or Iron Man it?

21 05 2009
Cyclops Motorsports (07:38:59) :

Cyclops Motorsports will be there, as in the past. supporting racers with Bike and Helmet mount lights , stator upgrades and battery charges. We will also be racing the event.
We hit every 24 hr race in the Us and Canada..
The Buttstomper is without a doubt the toughest 24 hr race around.. Nothing else even comes close..Its also the funnest..

21 05 2009
Ben Hanson (21:35:49) :

Any update on the Buttstomper? Has anyone got the OK from the DNR yet?

22 05 2009
trav (11:22:31) :

David Way from the DNR attended our last meeting and stated we will receive a permit for the Buttstomper and the permit will allow us to run the event at night. We may have to make changes to the course, but that is yet to be seen.

11 06 2009
Mark Johnson (08:19:36) :

I ride at reiter all the time and would love to race in one of the races held there, I know I’d do good. Thing is I always seem to miss the frostbite and can never put together a team thats willing to race for 24hrs straight. I ride a yz250 with no light, do you have to use the same bike the whole race or could I switch to a buddys bike with a light on it for night? Also, why can’t there be a type of race like the frostbite(length and time) later in the year, like october?

14 06 2009
Rick (18:37:09) :

Does any one know how long the course will be and if its in the upper or lower area of reiters? If we make a team could we just ride with 3 riders or is maditory that all riders take turns in order and the # of laps they must complete before they can traid off ?

15 06 2009
Rick (09:51:37) :

I whas looking at some pics from last years event the flyer doenst say no ATV’s are they allowed?????

15 06 2009
robt (11:25:07) :

I think you’d have a pretty tough time getting an ATV thru the course.

15 06 2009
Don (13:15:15) :

NO ATV’s… the course would not allow it.


15 06 2009
Don (13:17:34) :

Rick –

The course particulars are still defendant on the permit from DNR. I don’t think anyone knows for sure yet.

Yes you can race with just 3 but I would encourage a 4th… you’ll be glad you had them in the middle of the night when your butt is officially stomped.

23 06 2009
RhinofromWA (09:23:10) :

Rick- You can switch up your orders any way your team sees fit. But start with as many riders as you can. 24hrs is a long time at Reiter and so many things can happen you might benefit from a 4th rider. I have only raced one 24 hr race and we started with 6 riders (Starvation Rdige 24hr) and by 10pm we had 4…it happened quick and our team was down 33%. If you can find that 4th, do it. If only to give your 3 members a little bit of a break so you can hammer the trails fresh again.

Some member of the team has to complete the course once every 4 hours. It does not have to be in any order.

Mark Johnson – you can use teammates bikes. I bleive you are only allowed as many bikes as there are teammates. 4 riders/4 bikes.

Everyone – Sounds like we have our permit. So gas up and get some sleep. :o)

12 07 2009
robt (16:08:39) :

Can you please let me know where the main staging area will be this year? I know its always been in the same place in the past but because of certain changes and permitting… just thought I’d check.


12 07 2009
Rhinfromwa (20:08:25) :

For more information: call JR Tonsgard 425-238-8857 evenings or Jerry Allen 425-334-6125 days or e-mail at

14 07 2009
Logan (22:22:45) :

How long is the course in miles?

6 08 2009
Dusty (17:53:10) :

So any photos from the Buttstomper? I would like to relive the punishment in photo.