2010 Desert 100 Date Set!!!

28 09 2009

We’ve already been receiving emails asking for the 2010 Desert 100 date!!! So here it is:

April 10th & 11th in Odessa WA




4 responses to “2010 Desert 100 Date Set!!!”

30 11 2009
shane (21:03:31) :

how long is the dualsport ride portion and what skill level is it. and is the camping included in the registration fee. Also is there plenty of camp sites available or does it fill up quickly. boy oh boy, i may have more questions !

7 12 2009
Don (18:11:09) :

Shane – The course length for the DS ride has not yet been set, expect 100 miles +. Camping is included with your GATE FEE which is $5/person. Yes there is plenty of place to camp and yes it does fill up. You will have neighbors on both sides of you… the ranch becomes an RV city for the weekend.

Everything Desert 100 related, including answers to most, if not all of your questions can be found here – http://stumpjumpers.org/desert-100/



29 12 2009
Doug and Alecia (14:13:05) :

With Reiter closed, is there any hope for a frostbite this year? We find it hard to suffer sufficiently with out it in February.

22 01 2010
manni styles (06:22:31) :

ahhh the dessert 100, can’t wait to get there. It’s the greatest race on earth. see ya there……..