2010 Goldenspike – June 5th & 6th Packwood, WA

6 01 2010

2010 Golden Spike
Harescrambles, Mini Race, and Super Motard
June 5th Hare Scrambles, June 6th Super Motard, Packwood WA

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6 responses to “2010 Goldenspike – June 5th & 6th Packwood, WA”

31 01 2010
marvin (19:09:59) :

hi would like very much to run the golden spike. have 3 other riders too. know directions to packwood but would verymuch like some details on race or do fliers help in that regards? please send flier via email or send to po box 732 lyons or 97358. thanks very much. marv

31 01 2010
Mike (19:52:12) :


The Goldenspike is located at the defunct mill W of Packwood. As you head East on Hwy 12 to Packwood, the mill will be located just on the town border on your right. Please continue checking back to our website for a flier that will have accurate directions including race start time, etc…

Here is a google map link that you can view to see the location of race. You might have to copy and paste this into a new browser window.


Hope this answers your questions,

Michael / SJMC

26 02 2010
Jack knifed Java (21:09:50) :

Hoping to Join you again this year with our mobile consession trailer, had a great time, family enjoyed racing, let us know hope to hear! 425 442 8292

31 05 2010
Keith Anderson (20:25:05) :

how long is the mini hare scrambel course and how long is the race?

1 06 2010
David (10:10:36) :

Can anyone explain to me what a “Hare Scramble” is?

4 06 2010
Scott (09:56:11) :

@ keith anderson…Most HS corses are anywhere from 5-12 miles long, seems liek the golden spike tends to run in the 7 or 8 mile range. The short corse is one and a half hours, it might be 2 if they choose to run an extra half hour, depends on the club. And the long corse is two and a half (or 3 hours if they choose)

@ David….A hare scramble is basicly a long woods version of motocross. They line everyone up in rows according to class, fast guys first down to slowest. Its a dead engine start, they wave a green flag (normaly lift it off the ground) and then you start the bike and go. its on a closed course 5-10 mile loop normaly. the race goes for a pre determined amount of time. (see above) every lap you complete there is a check at the end of where they will hole punch a card they give to you to zipty to your handle bars. Once the time limit is up they will start stopping the riders at the finish and collecting the cards. They count the hole punches and who ever has the most hole punches and finished infront of the other person in their class with the same amount (or less) hole punches is declared the winner.
Thats the basic explenation. If you want more detail go to the link below and click on the compition rules link. The full explantion and rules of a NMA HS. All the information you will need is on page 21 and 22 of the document.

Hope that helps you guys.
-Scott H.