New Dates for Frost Bite and White Knuckle

18 01 2010

The Frost Bite is scheduled for March 27th and the White Knuckle March 28th. Both events will be held in Odessa, WA. The location is approximately 1 mile South of Odessa on HWY 21. Click Here for a map. Please check back for a flyer to be posted.



4 responses to “New Dates for Frost Bite and White Knuckle”

9 02 2010
Tyler (19:49:14) :

Hi I am 17 years old and was planning on racing the Frostbite and White Knuckle this year in Odessa. The only issue is my dad might not be able to go with me.

Would I still be able to race as a minor for the events?
If not, is there anything I could do to race without him being there?

9 02 2010
Alex (20:13:50) :

When will the flyers be up for these events?


11 02 2010
mx813 (09:25:59) :


Unfortunately due to insurance concerns and liability, you must have a legal guardian present at the time of the race.

Thank you,

Michael Decker / SJMC

11 02 2010
mx813 (09:26:55) :


The flyers will be sent out shortly. Please continue checking back to the FB/WK section of our website as the flyers will be linked there to view.

Michael Decker / SJMC