2010 Desert 100 Results

15 04 2010

Here are the results for the 2010 Desert 100 held April 10-11th.

2010 Desert 100 Overall: Click Here for full page

2010 Desert 100 by Class: Click Here for full page

2010 Minis Results: Click Here for full page



7 responses to “2010 Desert 100 Results”

16 04 2010
Rick Harpster (09:34:46) :

Hey guys, I finished 28th in the super senior, less than 30% of signup, am I due an award of some kind? Just checking in boys, NICE RACE,,,,,AGAIN AND AGAIN. THANKS….

17 04 2010
Brent Layer (07:47:08) :

Way to go Haerpster, I finished 165th overall, my best yet! Thanks for all your help at the race. And also to the Stumpjumpers for another top notch race. P.S. Can I get a name correction on the official score sheet ? #757 name should be spelled Brent Layer from Puyallup, thanks

18 04 2010
trav (05:37:00) :

brent, I have updated your name in the results.

rick, please email desert100@stumpjumpers.org

19 04 2010
Brent Layer (10:38:22) :

Trav , thank you very much for the correction, look forward to next year!

21 04 2010
Erik Ludwig (07:43:14) :

Didn’t see my dad on the list. Bib# 414, Gary Ludwig, Sixty and Up, Camano Island, WA, Suzuki. Took him six something hours, but he finished it and is already looking forward to next year!

15 05 2010
AJ Peterson (19:34:01) :

this year was my first year doing the 100. i finished 13th in my class which was 200cc and under. i am only 14 and then i finished 317th out of how many?!? i am still stoked about this and i cant wait to do it next year!

17 05 2010
Kyle Kerb (08:26:47) :

My dad came in 24 overall, his best was 14 three years ago. I came in 10 overall in 9-12. next year it will be the 50mile!