2011 Frost Bite April 2nd

8 12 2010

The 2011 Frost Bite will be held April 2nd in Odessa, WA.

Click Here to download the flier.

Short Course: 9:30
Long Course: 11:30
Kids Race: 3:00

$10.00 Gate fee (good for the weekend) Camping available

Directions: Take I-90 East, take exit 206 toward Lind/Odessa, turn left at WA 21 N, turn left at Rosenoff RD/WA 21, go
approximately 15 miles, race sight will be on the left, watch for arrows .



23 responses to “2011 Frost Bite April 2nd”

18 01 2011
Russ Manning (16:29:56) :

please send me flyers on all events, thanks


21 01 2011
Mike (16:13:13) :


If you have received the Desert 100 flyers in the past, you’ll more than likely receive this years flyer soon, in the mail. They should be going out soon. All the flyers will also be linked to each race listed on our website as they become available so you can print them out as well.

See you out there!


23 01 2011
Roger Hurst (20:11:54) :

please send me the new flyers when they are available. Thank you

25 01 2011
Chris (08:09:38) :

I was wondering how to be a sweeper during the kids races at all events. Last year I was following my boys and was stopped several times by other sweepers about my statis on the track. My friend was following his boy and was told to get off the track. I have stopped and helped other kids as well that may have had a probelm and then quickly caught up to my boys. At the riders meetings we are made to believe that we are welcome to help and that the more parents involved the better. I enjoy helping and making sure everyone has an equal chance.


25 01 2011
Don (16:36:50) :

Chris – It would be up to the particualr race chairman at each of our events. We actually had issues last year at the Desert 100 with parents interfering with other racers, (not intentionally but it happened none the less). I am considering now what my policy will be this year at the mini D100. You can always rest assured that we have no shortage of SJMC personnel sweeping the kids races and place emphasis on the kids having a fun time.


1 02 2011
Earl (14:25:07) :

Can I pre-register for the Frostbite and White Knuckle? Also, do you have an idea of when the T-shirts ran out last year? I want to be there early enough to get one this year. Thanks for all your hard work and well put together events.


24 02 2011
Chris (18:41:06) :

ok, Thanks Don.


27 02 2011
Mark (13:41:20) :

Since the hare scrambles (Frost Bite and White Knuckle) are scheduled the week prior to the D100, are racers able to park a trailer in Odessa somehwere between event weekends?


28 02 2011
Mike (10:15:06) :


Absolutely…please check out this website



4 03 2011
Anna (10:20:14) :

Hi there! My name is Anna I am the owner of Slacker Lifestyle a clothing company. We sponsor a rider who competes in all of your events and would like to know how we could help out and if it’s possible to have a vendor at these events. We would also be happy to design T-shirts for your events in the future or make ones you have already chosen. If you could please let me know the rules and regulations or if it’s even possible that would be highly appreciated! If your interested please feel free to e-mail me at annamal@slackerlifestyle.com. Thank you for your time!

4 03 2011
Mike (15:33:35) :

Hi Anna,

Your best bet at this time to see if there are any vendor spots open would be to send an email to the following address:


The race chairman will be able to answer any specific questions you have regarding selling merchandise, costs of vendor spot, etc..


5 03 2011
Anna (14:23:42) :

Thank you so much Mike!

18 03 2011
Earl (07:36:27) :

I may not be looking in the correct place, but I am unable to find flyers for the 2011 Frost Bite and Whiteknuckle. Just wondering about start times for the races. Thanks.


21 03 2011
mx813 (12:15:52) :
22 03 2011
Jimmy (16:41:03) :

Just courious, what constitutes “open C” at your races. I race C in WORCS races, is this my class? Also how much shorter is the short course vs. the long course. Thank you for your time.

23 03 2011
mx813 (08:02:45) :


NMA defines Open C as a beginner level rider that may ride any size bike and any age level. If you race a few NMA races and find yourself winning Open C class, then Open B or another B level class might be more appropriate.

Regarding short course and long course, this is defined by time, not course distance (although some clubs add a special section for long course riders.) Time length for short course is 1.5 hrs and long course is 2.5 hrs.

Hope this helps.


26 03 2011
duner04 (19:10:09) :

I am looking at racing the Frostbite on 2 April and was curious about course layout. Is there more to the course than enduro cross? all the video from prior years seem to show all enduro cross. Also is there a different layout on the long course, or is it just longer in time?

28 03 2011
mx813 (09:02:40) :


The pictures you see are a small portion of the actual race. The previous years, the course was between 9-12 miles in length with all types of open terrain.


7 04 2011
Bafazane (09:57:20) :

Do you guys have an ETA for when results will bed posted?

Thanks for the awesome racing last weekend!

11 04 2011
Ben (14:18:33) :

I was looking at this years finisher T-shirt for the desert 100, and I’m not sure what the picture is of. Does anyone else know that can clarify things for me :)?

12 04 2011
Tyler (19:53:52) :

the picture this year is of a set of goggles haha. most people have trouble noticing it haha.

13 04 2011
Shawn (07:17:11) :

Hey did anyone catch the name of the photography website to look at the photos they took during the ironman water crossing? I couldn’t catch the signs website on the bottom!

15 04 2011
Damon (22:40:24) :

Here is one of the photographers: