2013 Desert 100 – April 6th & 7th

7 12 2012

The 2013 Desert 100 will be held April 6th & 7th in beautiful Odessa, WA.

We are hosting a food drive for the Odessa Food Bank at the race site on the race weekend.  Your donations are gladly accepted.  Pet food accepted too.  Thanks for your support!

Click the pictures below for a full size version of the flyer, or Click Here for a PDF version.

To download forms for Pre-Registration go to http://stumpjumpers.org/prereg

Stumpjumpers 43rd Annual 2013 Flyer

Stumpjumpers 43rd Annual 2013 Flyer Outside



6 responses to “2013 Desert 100 – April 6th & 7th”

22 09 2012
Jon Buswell (06:06:49) :

If I send my check in now, will April get here faster….?

7 11 2012
Keith Birkhofer (14:36:44) :

In looking at the videos of past years I notice that a few of the “bridges” over water are single track. Any chance if widening so those with sidecars can participate? Thanks.

8 11 2012
Pete (11:39:10) :

Keith, there are several areas of the course that are too tight for a sidecar unfortunately.

28 11 2012
Stacey (22:30:41) :

Will there be a large 651+ CC race on Sunday like last year? Think that there will be more interest as years go by…I know I’ll do it next year!

20 12 2012
Tyler (11:37:40) :

Any chance of a 50 mile pitbike class?


7 01 2013
bzerkestol (02:59:07) :

Any good sidecar team would just put that thing at a 45%
on 2 wheels across the bridges!!