2013 Desert 100 Pre-Registration

24 01 2013

For 2013 you can pre-register for the Desert 100 Race, Poker Run, and Kids Race. Please use the links below to download the 2013 Desert 100 Pre-Registration forms.

2013 Desert 100 Race Pre Registration

2013 Desert 100 Poker Run Pre Registration

2013 Desert 100 Kids Race Pre Registration

Note: If you are pre-registering a minor a Minor Release Waiver must be completed and returned by the parent or legal guardian for any minors participating in the Desert 100 Race, Kid’s Race, and Poker Run. Please fill out and sign the form below and return with pre-registration of minor.

Minor Release Waiver


  • Payment must be sent with pre-registration form.
  • Make checks or money orders payable to Stumpjumpers Motorcycle Club. Do not send cash.
  • Pre-registration forms must be received by March 26th, 2013. Incomplete or late forms will not be processed.
  • Include Minor Release Waiver for all Minors



27 responses to “2013 Desert 100 Pre-Registration”

7 02 2013
charlie (18:10:45) :

is there registration required for the dual sport ride??

8 02 2013
Pete (07:10:48) :

Yes. In order to access the course you will need to show your poker run card at the entrance gate.

9 02 2013
shane (16:41:21) :

Is there pre-registration for the dual sport ride and if so, what is tbe deadline for them. And is there roll charts available.

11 02 2013
Wiz636 (09:16:55) :

At teh top opf this page is a link to print a pre-registration form for the poker runs. Use that to pre-register for the Dual Sport poker run. You will receive the roll chart when you pick up your entry at the pre-registered window onsite.

1 03 2013
Kyle (13:43:12) :

How long is the enduro poker run?

3 03 2013
shane (21:22:29) :

Can you have a passenger on the DS ride?

4 03 2013
Mike (09:47:22) :

If your DS bike meets county/state regulations for riding two-up (footpegs I believe dedicated for passenger) you can try it. Please keep in mind that part of the DS ride involves the Family Poker run course and other single track outside of the Desert 100 so riding two up might not be very comfortable.

Maybe post this question in the PNW forum on Advrider.com for advice from riders that have done the DS ride?

Be safe!

Mike – 2013 Desert 100 Co-Chair

6 03 2013
Jon A (10:41:12) :

Can you re-register for the Iron Man Poker Run this year?

6 03 2013
Jon A (11:52:00) :

PRE-register for the Iron Man Poker Run. Sorry. 😉

6 03 2013
Mike (14:34:08) :
12 03 2013
terry (12:32:00) :

What is the address of the desert100 race ?

13 03 2013
Mike (09:50:47) :


The site of the Desert 100 is located approximately 7 miles west of Odessa off Hwy 28 and Irby Road. There will be arrows marking directions from the City of Odessa.


13 03 2013
Chris Marsh (10:15:02) :

I see the kids race is at noon this year. Is that going to give us enough time to get in the family poker run before the race????

Thank you,

16 03 2013
Shane (16:59:01) :

More stupid questions. How long is the Dual Sport ride and if you camp off site how do you enter the camp site area to register and start the events. Do you still have to pay the $5.00?

19 03 2013
Mike (07:35:18) :

Gate fee is $5 regardless of where you camp. D100 site is located 7 miles west of Odessa off Hwy 28 and Irby road.

DS ride averages from 80 – 110 or so miles depending on what route you choose to do.

When you enter the D100 area, you’ll notice on your immediate left a stage and corral where all sign-ups are located. Parking will be on your right past all the vendor areas.

20 03 2013
chris (20:30:01) :

How will I know that my pre-registration form was processed? Will something be mailed to me for race day?

26 03 2013
Ryan (17:55:13) :

Can I pre register on line

27 03 2013
Mike (06:12:35) :


We do not have online preregistration available. At this time, with mail in deadline closed, you will need to do it in person.


27 03 2013
Chris Privette (22:14:32) :

Do you have to make it the riders meeting for the Poker Run on Sat or can I show up at 10 to sign up and ride?

29 03 2013
Mike (06:59:18) :


You can sign up and ride at 10am.

1 04 2013
Chris Privette (22:25:08) :

Is ther a gas stop / pit for the ironman poker run or is it a 70-80 mile loop?

2 04 2013
Mike (07:15:14) :


IM is two loops with each loop returning to camp. Gas up before heading out for second loop.


3 04 2013
troy (05:03:37) :

Do I need an orv sticker for the poker run

3 04 2013
Dee (08:34:23) :

Do you need tabs for the Iron Man Poker Run, being that the ride is on private property?

3 04 2013
mx813 (13:03:12) :

no tabs needed

4 04 2013
jeff (07:39:42) :

Where do I pick up my preregistered card? Its approved just not sure where to get the card.

4 04 2013
Josh (09:05:10) :

Do I need ORV tabs at all since its on private property?