2014 Desert 100 Race Results

14 04 2014

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Click Here for Desert 100 Race Results




5 responses to “2014 Desert 100 Race Results”

14 04 2014
Jeff Dahners (19:38:33) :

Is there any way to get results from 1992-97?

14 04 2014
Mike Decker (19:51:07) :


Tough request. I think the only way to do that is find someone who has all the Souvenir programs dating that far back.

I will ask and see if I can get you photo copies. Might be a month.


14 04 2014
Sam (22:26:05) :

How come the teams are not in the overall results this year?

16 04 2014
Scott Chezick (20:40:24) :

First, The Stumpjumpers did another great job this year and I know it is a lot of work to compile the results. For me the issue was this: I completed my first loop fast enough to start my second. Unfortunately my neck muscles flat gave up and I had to give up at the second checkpoint of the second loop, and I rode back via the road. Because no time is recorded at the finish of the first loop I was recorded near the bottom of the one loop finishers even though I had completed it 1.5 hours earlier than was reflected. By the end of the second loop the pack has spread out quite a bit and I thought maybe it would be possible if at the finish line checkpoint the elapsed time could be written on the fender, even if they are going out for a second loop. I think it would be interesting for everyone to see how first and second loop times compare and also give more accurate results. Just something to consider and thanks for putting on a great event. Scott.

22 04 2014
Justin (16:00:49) :

When’s the frostbite/ white knuckle results going to be uploaded? The nma is waiting on you guys and the next races are this weekend and I need to see how the points are doing thanks