2015 Desert 100 – April 11th &12th

4 02 2015

The 2015 Desert 100 will be held April 11th & 12th in Odessa, WA. The poker run will take place on Saturday the 11th and Desert 100 Race on Sunday the 12th. Use the links below to download the flyer and pre-registration forms.

2015 Desert100 Flyer

2015 Desert100 Poster

2015 Desert 100 Race Pre-Registration Form

2015 Desert 100 Kids Race Pre-Registration Form

2015 D100 Minor Release

2015 Desert 100 Poker Run Pre-Registration Form

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12 responses to “2015 Desert 100 – April 11th &12th”

4 02 2015
John Hinger (18:57:11) :

I was wondering how long it takes to find out if ya have received my check yet it was sent last month.

4 02 2015
Montana Johnson (21:42:46) :

it was my first time last year. I didn’t even bring water on the ride. But probably one of the funnest races I’ve ever done

7 03 2015
Brent Campbell (12:35:14) :

Hi , i forget how to get to Oddessa , could some one post directions ? Thank you

10 03 2015
Shawn (15:20:55) :

Which direction you coming from Brent?

15 03 2015
Brent (05:38:10) :

Shawn I’ll be coming I-90 eastbound from seattle and I’ll take exit 206 to Odessa Lind. but then what?

15 03 2015
trav (07:20:39) :

Here is google map directions from Vantage to Desert 100 site

Click Here

15 03 2015
Shawn (07:53:47) :

Brent, I suggest you follow the directions posted by trav. If you do go to exit 206, then just go north on 21 until you hit Odessa. Take a left on 28 (that’s the main drag in Odessa) and go about 7 miles until you see a sea of trailers to your right. Have fun!

17 03 2015
James (20:23:38) :

4 of us are coming down from Canada but have not yet registered. Not sure if it would get there in time at this point by mail. Can we register on site Friday or Saturday?

26 03 2015
Mike Decker (15:32:55) :


Registration will be open Friday evening and early Saturday for the poker run and kids race. It will open back up again Saturday afternoon for the Desert 100.

2015 D100 Chairman

30 03 2015
Del (16:10:15) :

First time ever running a desert race. What do you recommend packing in my backpack. Tools and what not??

31 03 2015
James (08:55:25) :

My buddy and I are doing the Poker Run on Saturday. The flyer says the gates to the course close at 1:30. Does that mean we have to be on site by 1:30 Friday? We both don’t get out of work until 1:00. Just a bit confused and it’s our first time going!

2 04 2015
Doug (00:03:45) :

James, I am pretty sure the gates to the Poker Run close at 1:30 Saturday. So you cannot start the poker run after that. Camping / access to the grounds to set up starts at 8 AM Friday or something. It is posted on campground rules/FAQ or somewhere like that.