Stumpjumpers News - 47th Annual Kenda Stumpjumpers Desert 100

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Subject: Stumpjumpers News - 47th Annual Kenda Stumpjumpers Desert 100
Date: February 14th 2017

The 47th Annual Kenda Stumpjumpers Desert 100 is only 7 weeks away! It's time to dust off your riding gear, your motorhome, and your motorcycle and get ready for another great family weekend of riding and racing in Odessa. A few important reminders for this year:

The gates will open at 7pm THURSDAY EVENING. NO EXCEPTIONS! Our insurance and staffing doesn't allow us to open any earlier, so please don't show up early. You will be turned away, and if you park on the highway, the county sheriff may ask you to leave or have your vehicle towed. If you get to Odessa early, head into town and stock up on groceries and gas, and have dinner at Chief's Bar and Grill, or grab a beer at Rocky Coulee Brewing. The town of Odessa is a huge supporter of the Stumpjumpers and the offroad community, so the more support we can give them, the better.

Pre-registration is open now. Registration forms must be received by March 18th. Follow this link to download and print your pre-registration forms:

The event flyer, with important details like schedules, etc., can be downloaded here:

New for 2017: Saturday Ladies Ride! This is a chance for some of the women to ride some easy terrain without getting run over by the fast guys and gals on the poker run course. The ride will be on the kid's race course, immediately following the kid's races. You can either ride out there after the kid's rider's meeting at 8am, or meet at the stage by 10am to be escorted to the course by SJMC staff. This event is free. NO BIG BIKES. 19" Front wheel size max.

Camp Rules:

No campfires! Period! Propane fires are allowed. Our rule of thumb is this: If you can turn the fire off with a switch, it's allowed. We can't risk a fire in camp, and will enforce this rule very strictly.

Helmets must be worn at all times! Anyone on a moving motorcycle, including passengers, children, people on pitbikes, etc., MUST wear a helmet at all times. If you're seen riding without a helmet, you will be asked to get off and walk back to your camp to get one. If we have to tell you more than once, you could be asked to leave the event.

First gear only in camp! There are thousands of acres to ride out there. There is no reason to ride fast in camp. Keep it in first gear and ride safely in camp until you're out past the rope line that marks the camp boundary.

No riding at night! This is another obvious safety rule. Make sure your bike is back at your camp by nightfall. We will be enforcing this rule this year, especially around the beer tent.

No UTVs, quads, or golf carts. This is a motorcycle only event, even in camp. Please leave your quads and UTVs at home.

The poker run is not a race! Please be courteous to the other riders on the course on Saturday.

Your cooperation with these rules will help keep this a fun and safe weekend for everyone! See you in April!

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