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2018 Kenda Stumpjumpers Desert 100

5 02 2018

The 48th Annual Kenda Stumpjumpers Desert 100 is only 9 weeks away on April 7th & 8th 2018. It’s time to dust off your riding gear, your motorhome, and your motorcycle and get ready for another great family weekend of riding and racing in Odessa. A few important reminders for this year:

The gates will open at NOON THURSDAY April 5th. We had such a great response last year to our 6pm opening that we are trying to get everyone in earlier this year. You are able to get in and setup your camp, but we ask that no riding take place until Friday morning. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you show up before Noon, you will be turned away and sent to wait in town. If you park on the highway, the county sheriff will ask you to leave or have your vehicle towed. If you get to Odessa early, head into town and stock up on groceries and gas. The town of Odessa is a huge supporter of the Stumpjumpers and the offroad community, so the more support we can give them, the better.

Pre-registration is open now. Registration forms must be received by March 31st. Follow this link to download and print your pre-registration forms:…/2018-desert-100-pre-registration…/
Questions regarding registration can be sent to

The event flyer, with important details like schedules, etc., can be downloaded here:…/uploa…/2018/02/2018-D100-Flyer.pdf

For 2018 we will once again have the Beginners Ladies Ride! This ride is to promote beginner riders in a non intimidating environment. It is a chance for beginner women to ride some easy terrain without getting run over by the fast guys and gals on the poker run course. The ride will be on the kid’s race course, immediately following the kid’s races Saturday morning. You can either ride out there after the kid’s rider’s meeting at 8am, or meet at the stage by 9:30am to be escorted to the course by SJMC staff. Please be on time! This event is free. NO BIG BIKES. 19″ Front wheel size max. No racers. This is a very special piece of land used for the kids race, and we want to preserve it for future use. The ride will be 45 minutes to an hour long. Space is limited, Please RSVP to

Sponsors and Vendors:

We are excited to have Kenda Tires as our title sponsor again. Our vendor row will once again have a great diversity of products for you to purchase at great prices onsite.

There are two sponsors this year providing Trailer and RV Rentals.
Wenatchee RV Rentals: We have 16 units to choose from and have generators to rent for each unit if needed. Please visit our website at and take a look at what we have to offer! Click the picture links to see the floor plans. I look forward to another great year and will be my pleasure to help anyone with a great camping experience! Mike Fischer (owner) 509-860-1055

RVs Northwest in Spokane: Want to attend Desert 100, but sleeping in a tent isn’t your thing? No need to worry. With RVs Northwest, you can rent a New Motorhome or Travel Trailer at discounted rates. Desert 100 Attendees receive 10% off the cost of the rental and all additional Packages. We can Even Deliver and set it up at Desert 100 for you. Hesitant about using a Motorhome or Travel Trailer, RV’s Northwest Staff will be onsite to assist with any issues that arise. Rentals are limited, so call today to book your Motorhome or Travel Trailer for the Desert 100, Use discount code: Desert100. . Check out our website at:…/615248…/SJMCNews/ contact Matt Scanapico RVs Northwest – Rental Division Direct: 509-309-3408 Cell: 253-778-0286

Camp Changes:

We will have the tracks inside camp removed this year in an effort to provide more space for camping. Riding will still be available to everyone on Friday and Saturday outside the camp area.
There will be an added dumpster and bank of toilets near the farthest end of camp. We will also be adding some more access roads to make it easier to find a spot to camp.

Camp Rules:

No campfires! Period! Propane fires are allowed. Our rule of thumb is this: If you can turn the fire off with a switch, it’s allowed. We can’t risk a fire in camp, and will enforce this rule very strictly.

Helmets must be worn at all times! Anyone on a moving motorcycle, including passengers, children, people on pitbikes, etc., MUST wear a helmet at all times. If you’re seen riding without a helmet, you will be asked to get off and walk back to your camp to get one. If we have to tell you more than once, you could be asked to leave the event.

First gear only in camp! There are thousands of acres to ride out there. There is no reason to ride fast in camp. Keep it in first gear and ride safely in camp until you’re out past the rope line that marks the camp boundary.

No riding at night! This is another obvious safety rule. Make sure your bike is back at your camp by nightfall. We will be enforcing this rule this year, especially around the beer tent.

No UTVs, quads, or golf carts. This is a motorcycle only event, even in camp. Please leave your quads and UTVs at home. You will be turned away at the gate if you try to bring one of these in to camp.

The poker run is not a race! Please be courteous to the other riders on the course on Saturday.

More updates will be posted on our website and facebook page.

Your cooperation with these rules will help keep this a fun and safe weekend for everyone! See you in April!

– Neil Stamp,
Chairman, 2018 Kenda Stumpjumpers Desert 100

Reiter Foothills Forest Focus Group Meeting – June 28th, 2017

30 05 2017

7. TO 9 P.M.
East Public Meeting Room
Snohomish County Building
3000 Rockefeller Avenue
Everett, WA

DNR staff will be sharing recreation updates and other related information for Reiter Foothills Forest.

Walker Valley Monthly Work Party – June 10th, 2017

30 05 2017

JUNE 10, 2017
9 A.M. TO 3 P.M.

Join DNR staff and other volunteers to help work on trails, clean ditches, haul gravel, brush trails, and pick up litter.

2017 Salvage Sprint Enduro Results

24 05 2017

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2017 Golden Spike Results

24 05 2017

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