These are general rules relating to on course activities. This event is covered by the Stumpjumpers Competition Rule book (Based on AMA rules)

  1. All riders must attend the riders meeting prior to the start of the race.
  2. All riders must be at the designated start line in order to get a start check. All riders must take a direct route to the “smoke bomb” from the start line. Once past the “smoke bomb” all riders must funnel onto the marked course. Any rider obviously off of the marked course in order to gain an advantage will be disqualified.
  3. All riders must remain within 12 feet of the marked course. Any rider deemed intentionally off of the marked course to gain an advantage will be disqualified.
  4. Course Markings:
    • Hot Pink, Red, or Orange Ribbon: Course
    • Yellow or Lime Green Ribbon: Danger
    • Blue Ribbon: Turn
    • Any Arrow: Course Direction
    • Any “W”: Wrong Way
  5. All riders must stop and be checked at each check-point. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that they have a proper check.
  6. All riders must approach the check-point from the proper direction.
  7. All riders must finish the race on the machine they started with.
  8. Team Riders must change numbered bibs at each rider change (Number on both front and rear of rider).
  9. All riders must refuel an the designated PIT. All teams must make rider changes at the designated PIT. Pit crews are not to go out on the race-course to assist their rider.
  10. This is a multiple loop race. It is the rider’s responsibility to know when he/she has completed the required number of loops to be classified as a finisher.
  11. At the finish of the race an official will count the check-point markings received by the rider. The rider must have all required check-point markings to be declared a finisher.

Note: The Stumpjumpers M/C Race Chairman, and Course Referee will have the absolute authority to interpret the Rules and make decisions regarding controversies as a result of race activities.