2008 Frost Bite February 16th

The race is scheduled for February 16th, 2008, Reiter Trails, Gold Bar, WA.

NOTE: race will NOT be staged from usual location. Instead, take a left immediately after the first parking area on Reiter road and follow to the open area under the power lines. There will be orange/black areas marking the direction.

Click here to read/download the flyer.

Directions: Use the map below for directions to Gold Bar, WA. Drive about 1 mile East of Gold Bar on HWY 2, turn left onto Reiter Road and follow the orange/black arrows.


  1. I just rode the frostbite race at reiter and I’m looking for 3 girls to help me make a team for the buttstomper in July. I was 2nd place in womens C so your not going to see me on any videos or espn πŸ™‚ but I’d really like to be part of a team and ride this event for fun.

    My email is mail4alecia@aol.com


  2. Alecia – Congrats on your 2nd place! I may be up for a team at the Buttstomper depending on how this summer goes. Usually I race the 200B class, but didn’t race the Frostbite this year due to other commitments. That would be really cool to get a womens team together.


  3. just wanted to say thnx to all those involved in putting on the frostbite….kickass race….great course… thnx guys u rule


  4. Sara- That would be fun. I’ll post something closer to the date and hopefully we can get a few girls to commit. It would be an adventure. πŸ™‚


  5. Don’t let Alecia fool you, I just rode 6 hours with her at Reiter on Thursday March 6th. Couldn’t do the Frostbite with them as I was nursing a broken thumb. Her husband Doug Smith (who placed fifth in class with 4 laps) Alecia and I rode hard all day and she can flat out get it done!!!! If not for her help on some of the trails I might still be there. She will impress even the most experienced riders with her “can do” attitude. Thanks for the ride….. Jason


  6. Sweeping all day I came across Alecia a couple times, always with a ear to ear grin on her face… she was having fun and it showed. I only have one suggestion, and I hope I’m right in thinking I remeber you but she was on a small Honda (CRF 100 or 150?) anyway we had to pull it out of deep rut once and I’m sure Alecia had it well under control but I just happened to be there so I helped but back to my suggestion – If this was Alecia, get on a bigger bike and then you will flat out haul the mail, you’ll be ready for B class or better I’m sure of it!


  7. Okay yes I was on a XR 100 and thankyou Don for getting me out of the rut. I fell into a mud hole that was waist deep and struggled holding my bars with muddy gloves and couldn’t grip my tank with my slimey muddy pants which made it soooo hard to stay on my bike and I was pooped out by the time Don found me stuck in the rut. πŸ™‚ I believe I also saw Don when I went the wrong way on the trail. I do have a bigger bike, I’d never been to reiter before and I knew that with my xr I may not be fast but I will definity finish .. eventually.. I rode my Kx 100 at reiter yesterday with my husband and friend Jason. So much nicer to know the area a bit have more supension, ground clearance and some more go. A beautiful day less water and snow. It was awesome, Thanks again for the fun, and the help… what an adventure. πŸ™‚

    oh and those of you considering the desert 100 poker run and race… I did the entire poker run 2 laps and then the race the next morning on my xr 100 by myself ( my husband and I rode separately ) and completed both. I’d only been riding about a year and again, I wasn’t fast but I did finish. I Was really happy to see the man that was about a mile before the finish of the race… I was sooooo tired with and didn’t know how much farther I had and I asked him and he said about another mile… I could’ve kissed him. It was just a blast to participate in. I look forward to that again this April.


  8. I agree with Alecia!! We are all looking forward to Desert 100, besides 100 miles at Odessa has to be easier than 40 miles at Goldbar. I am convinced that if you can Reiter you can ride ANYWHERE. I thought we had some technical stuff in the Olympics, but the Cascades are about as good as it gets for single track. Keep the rubber side down…….JD


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