Reiter Trails

This newsletter is intended to give the ORV community an update on the progress the Snohomish County ORV Committee has made towards making Reiter Trails ORV Park a reality.

Latest Status

This summer we started identifying and marking the trail system at Reiter. Specific trails have been identified as 4×4 trails and others as motorcycle only. Signs were paid for and installed by the various member clubs that make up the Snohomish County ORV Committee. Plans are in the works to produce a trail map with trail use designations. This is an important first step as the Department of Natural Resources needs to have an accurate inventory of the trails and how they are being used.

This summer we also met with the DNR and discussed plans to move forward with making Reiter an official ORV Park. At that meeting the following was discussed:

  • In the upcoming Legislative session the DNR is going to ask the Legislature for funding to manage use that is occurring in undesignated areas (Reiter is undesignated as an ORV area). Much of the recreation on DNR managed land is funded by grants which have to be renewed. The DNR desires outright funding to support the inventory and assessment of the Reiter area. This project will be specifically named in the proposal to the Legislature this year.
  • The DNR plans to establish GPS mapping standards and would like to work with the different user groups to help inventory user built trails on un-inventoried land.
  • DNR plans to set up meetings with user groups (motorcycle, 4×4, hunters, fisherman, etc.) across the State to let them know of DNR plans to develop a more comprehensive public use recreation program.

Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon and the Snohomish County Council have budgeted $350,000 in their 2007/2008 budget to build a trailhead at Reiter Trails. The County desires an ORV area and would like to partner with the DNR in creating one. Unfortunately the County cannot move forward without cooperation from DNR. The DNR would like to move forward to assess the Reiter site for an established trail system. If the legislature grants the funding DNR is seeking, DNR will begin studying Reiter as a potential designated ORV site. The study could begin shortly after July of 2007 and take about 1 year to complete.


“I know from personal experience how ORVs offer great family recreation – it’s no wonder the sport is growing so quickly. ORVs also can allow people with limited mobility to expand their outdoor recreation opportunities. But the benefits of ORVs will be limited unless we can expand access to trails. That’s where the Reiter Trails project comes in – it’s a great idea for our area, and our sport, that deserves all the support we can give.

— State Representative Dan Kristiansen, 39th Legislative District (which includes the Reiter Trails project area)

“As the population of the Sky Valley grows, so does the need for quality, safe, family oriented recreational areas. Reiter Trails can become a safe and secure, properly managed ORV park and I am supportive of efforts to reach that goal. Public safety will be enhanced when Reiter Trails are changed from an informal ORV area into a permanent ORV park.”

— State Representative Kirk Pearson, 39th Legislative District

“ORV is a growing family sport, and I am proud of the work we have done at Snohomish County to clear the path for development of the Reiter Trials ORV recreation area. I encourage DNR to take the next step to ensure that families can enjoy safe, well managed places to ride ORV’s.”

— Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon

“Reiter Trails has been used as a defacto ORV site for many years and is a great location for a permanent ORV Park. As the popularity of ORV’s in Snohomish County continues to grow, so does the need to provide riding enthusiasts with designated areas where they can safely enjoy this recreational activity. By providing designated areas we are helping to improve public safety, protect our land, maintain our water quality and reduce noise pollution by minimizing disturbances to other people and environmentally sensitive areas.”

— Dave Somers, Snohomish County Council, District 5 (includes Reiter Trails project area)

“As Snohomish County continues to grow, so does the need for an official, permanent ORV Park. The Reiter Trails area appears to be an ideal location for such a designation. I’m fully supportive of efforts to make this a reality.”

— John Koster, Snohomish County Councilman (District 1)

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