2009 Desert 100 Pre-Registration Form

28 01 2009

Use the following link to download the Pre-Registration Form for the 2009 Desert 100, which is April 4&5 in Odessa WA. NOTE: Pre-Entry is only for Sunday Race. All other events must be entered at race site. Pre-registration entries must be received by March 23rd.

2009 Desert 100 Pre-Registration Form

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11 responses to “2009 Desert 100 Pre-Registration Form”

13 02 2009
Jim Willing (08:34:37) :

Would it be possible to post registration forms for the “Iron Man” and “Family Poker Run” so we can fill these out prior to the events. Thank you. Jim

13 02 2009
Don (09:59:57) :

Jim, we only offer pre-registration for the Desert 100 Race itself.

Sorry, but there will be plenty of time to sign up for the poker runs at the race site.



8 03 2009
Duane (22:08:07) :

I see that you can start the Dual Sport Ride up until 1:30 PM. We want to ride the Dual Sport, but won’t be able to make it to the race site until just before Noon on Saturday. Until what time Saturday, can we enter for the Dual Sport Ride?

9 03 2009
Don (07:22:28) :

Duane – Sign up will likely be open till 1:00 PM or so… but the gate onto the course closes at 1:30 sharp so make sure you are 100% ready and out on the course by 1:30

26 03 2009
tory (10:02:33) :

hey guys how soon can we get to the race site to set up our trailer spot,and maybe do some riding around,thanks

26 03 2009
Don (10:46:19) :

Tory – The gate will be open at 5 AM Friday at which time you are free to ride inside the “square”. The “square” being the estimated 50+ acres or so that camp is located in.

I believe this year the direction around the perimeter trail should be clockwise to avoid any collisions.


31 03 2009
Bruce (18:42:45) :

Could I get a parking spot on sunday before the race is there room to park and race the day of the desert 100

2 04 2009
Mike Allwander (16:30:03) :

Cant wait to do the race again! See you Friday morning. Thanks for putting on a top notch Race!!

16 05 2009
Josh Rudd (19:52:38) :

Does anyone know if you need a spark arrestor to ride the poker runs/iron man/ race?

18 05 2009
Don (08:50:38) :

Yes Josh… but those events were last month in April.

You need a Spark Arrestor at just about any event on public and most on private land.

19 05 2009
Josh Rudd (14:30:57) :

Yeah. I was just wondering because I just thought since it was in the middle of Odesa and theres not alot of or almost no trees and brush that are in big groups. Like what I usually ride in.