2010 Desert 100 Pre-Registration Open

10 02 2010

Click on the picture below to download the Pre-Registration Form. NOTE: Pre-Entry is only for Sunday Race. All other events must be entered at race site. Pre-registration entries must be received by March 31st.

2010 Desert 100 Pre-Entry

2010 Desert 100 Pre-Entry

Pre-Registration Questions?

Please use the comment section below for your Pre-Registration questions/issues. We will leave a reply ASAP. If you have something urgent or rather not post here then please send email to desert100@stumpjumpers.org

NOTE: This page is reserved for pre-registration related comments only. Comments not pertaining to pre-registration (e.g. camping, schedule, race questions, etc.) should be posted in the desert 100 forums. Thank you for your cooperation.



40 responses to “2010 Desert 100 Pre-Registration Open”

11 02 2010
Tom Todd (14:04:34) :

I am interested in the dual sport and possibly the 100. Does the entry fee cover both, or is there a seperate form for the dual sport?

11 02 2010
Don (18:30:36) :

Tom – Separate entry for both. You can only sign up for the Dual Sport at the event itself.

Sign up will start Friday Evening and re-open again on Saturday morning.

Don / SJMC

12 02 2010
hix (21:05:54) :

how do i rejister?

16 02 2010
Don (06:52:44) :

Hix – What do you want to register for?

Don / SJMC

2 03 2010
Cameron (14:42:34) :

No pre registration for the iron man right? sign up is at the event itself?

2 03 2010
Don (14:49:03) :

You are correct Cameron.

Don / SJMC

11 03 2010
Geoff (14:29:30) :

What is the Dual Sport ride?

12 03 2010
Liew (01:16:30) :

Hi i’m interested in the 100 mile 200cc& under class and I would like to know how big is one lap (miles please) or is it just one huge loop ?

12 03 2010
mx813 (09:09:15) :


The Desert 100 consists of 2 laps around the same loop that are roughly 50 miles in length.


The dual sport ride utilizes a good portion of our poker run course and also some of Lincoln County’s roads, BLM access roads that are not available unless you are street legal. You have the opportunity to gas up in the town of Odessa as well as get lunch at the Rocky Coulee Brewery in town.

Hope to see you both there!

Mike / SJMC

12 03 2010
Liew (13:35:31) :

Thank you very much and how many check points will there be to fill up you gas tank ?

12 03 2010
mx813 (13:39:11) :

You will be able to refill your gas tank after the completion of 1 lap in pit row. There are no gas stops any where during the course so you’ll need to be able to do 50 miles.

Check point information is confidential.


15 03 2010
Liew (19:37:53) :

Is it ok to bring one water bottle filled with gas just enough to get you back to the pits or to use as the gas you are gonna use or do you just have to wait to get to the pits ?

15 03 2010
Liew (21:42:41) :

What if i don’t have a kickstand at the starting line?

15 03 2010
Don (21:51:19) :

Liew –
Question #1 – Yes, if you feel you need it to complete a lap but don’t leave the empty on the course! I advise at least a Gatorade bottle they are more impact resistant.

Question #2 – There will prop sticks available at the start chutes.

See ya in Odessa!

Don / SJMC

17 03 2010
Liew (00:34:03) :

Thank you Don and I will see you in Odessa!

21 03 2010
Adam (12:02:36) :

My age group is Super Senior. Can I register to ride in the 100 mile race.

21 03 2010
Paul (20:30:15) :

Hi, How much does it cost to run the Iron Man poker run ? Is it just one loop of 50 miles, or two ? If I did run the desert race, what class would I be registered in, riding a 1983 open class 2 stroke and I am 51 years old ?
Thank you for your time !!

22 03 2010
mx813 (07:01:18) :


The Ironman Poker run is $30 that consists of 2 laps. The mileage is less than 50 miles since some of the course is reserved strictly for the Desert 100 race.

For the race, you can run either Vintage bike (pre- 1986 bikes) class or you can run Super Senior class. Both of those classes are 1 lap.

More information can be found on the flyer:



23 03 2010
Chris (08:17:30) :

If we preregistered, do we get the packets in the mail or do we have to pick them up when we get their?

23 03 2010
Don (13:13:10) :

Chris – You pick them up when you get there. There will be a special window or location to pick them up so you are not waiting in line.


Don / SJMC

26 03 2010
wayne (08:01:40) :

just to be clear, I can only pre register for the race event, and not the race AND poker run ahead of time, correct, thx.

26 03 2010
mx813 (09:50:02) :


Yes, you are correct. You can pre-register for the race (pre-registration closes March 31st) and sign-up for the poker run at the Desert 100 site.

Mike / SJMC

28 03 2010
Colbert PowerSports (07:40:04) :

I have a large motorhome (30′) with a 28′ trailer. Whats the ealiest I can move in on Friday?

29 03 2010
Wiz636 (05:11:06) :

The gates open up Friday at 0600.

29 03 2010
cj3a1949 (10:32:06) :

Your directions only get me to the town of Odessa, where is the race camp from there?

29 03 2010
mx813 (11:22:26) :


I am assuming you are now referring to the Desert 100 as the Frostbite and Whiteknuckle were last weekend.

Once you arrive in Odessa, head W on Hwy 28 for approximately 5 miles and turn R on Irby Road. There will be arrows and markers.


Mike / SJMC

30 03 2010
R.J. (16:13:11) :

Just want to make sure that if I don’t “pre-register”, I can still “register” for the 100 on Saturday or Sunday… I’ll just have to pay an extra $5.00. Is this correct?

30 03 2010
mx813 (18:00:55) :


You will still be able to register when you arrive at the Desert 100 site. You will have to get in the line for registration there instead of pre-registered line. Tomorrow is the cut-off so you can still get your registration in and save time at the race by going through the pre-registered line.

Mike / SJMC

30 03 2010
Don (18:07:26) :

Mike – (****ing Decker)

Any pre-registration forms must be RECEIVED by 3/31. This is per the race flier and I stand by it… I’m sure Debbie is ready to cut it off too…

R.J. the lines should go quicker this year and we are extending the times you can register for the race. Check out your race flier or look at the schedule in the program when you get there.

See ya in Odessa!

Don / SJMC

1 04 2010
Tyler (08:51:25) :

What time will the race awards be held on Sunday?

1 04 2010
Don (09:03:41) :

Tyler – I want to say no later than 6PM, we’ll try and get them going ASAP.

Don / SJMC

6 04 2010
Chad (07:14:07) :

On the Ironman 100 can I leave a gas can in the pits. I do not have anyone that can help me out with the refueling and watching my gas can.

7 04 2010
kaui kaliloa (13:29:24) :

just found out about the race, I am too late to pre -register, can i still get into the 100 mile race? can I sign up when I get there?

7 04 2010
Haybuck (16:46:51) :

Yes you can sign up on Sat.

8 04 2010
Richard Hancock (01:12:00) :

Hi I sent in my pre registration 3/20 and asked for a E-mail confermation
but haven’t seen anything yet. Am I good to go?

8 04 2010
Cameron (01:20:28) :

What happens if you crash and break down mid lap? are there vehicles scattered throughout or is it just a long walk/push back to pits?

13 03 2012
Tera (16:45:29) :

I would like some info on mini races .. How far do kids ride? Do I need to pre register? Are the awards for the kids given right after their races?

14 03 2012
Mike (11:36:55) :


The kids course for the Desert 100 Kids Race is typically between 1 – 3 miles in length. Their race is a circuit loop so as many laps as they can do within allotted time. There is no need to pre-register as you will have plenty of time Saturday AM.

Once all kids races are over, results should be posted and kids trophy awards giving out. Awards and results are posted by sign-up/centerstage area.

Be sure to attend the mini race meeting as the start location varies each year.

21 03 2012
drag450 (10:08:51) :

Is there a guarantee that I’ll be able to register for the race the weekend of the event? I just bought a bike and I don’t want to miss out!

21 03 2012
drag450 (10:10:11) :

Never mind, I see that my question has already been answered. Thanks