2011 Desert 100 Results

15 04 2011
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17 responses to “2011 Desert 100 Results”

16 04 2011
Tim Sorrell (18:25:15) :

I am 42 years old and this was the first time I had ever done this. My wife and I rode the Iron man poker run on Saturday and then I rode the Race on Sunday. This was hands down the funnest weekend of riding I have ever had. Can’t wait till next year.

17 04 2011
pete (05:43:39) :

Ben, do you happen to know what your bib number was?

17 04 2011
kelly reid (20:03:40) :

hey who was the guy on the honda 500 2 stroker who blocked us in by falling in the water up to his neck and dumpin his porker bike right in the only pass while he cools off, that added 10 min to my time.

18 04 2011
warren hoss (11:34:55) :

Thanks for finding my phone!!
Everybody OK? I saw a couple of bad crashes.
How many DNF’s

Idea for next year
Add a bright sticker on the back of the helmets to ID the class. That way we know the importance of whats ahead.



18 04 2011
Pete (16:54:34) :

Warren, I dropped your phone off at your buddy’s buisness this afternoon.

I don’t have the exact count but DNF’s are usually about 30% so all you finishers can be proud!

21 04 2011
Mike fox (17:30:20) :

what happen to the guy who crashed at the start of the 2nd wave it was the worst crash I have ever seen My prayers are out to him



22 04 2011
Don (12:46:02) :

Mike – He went home that night with no broken bones or internal injuries, just one big, full body bruise….

24 04 2011
Warren Pullig (10:41:11) :

Hey Guy’s Congrats on running such a great race! It must be dificult but you guys make it look easy! I have a request for you and don’t know where else to put it. My Son Wren Pullig raced the 11-12 class mini race. He placed 17th. You guy’s listed my name. Any chance you could change that to his? Especially for the program book next year. he will be crushed if he don’t make the book.

24 04 2011
mx813 (12:32:59) :


I will let the race chairmen know about your request and see if he is able to do that. We are glad that you had a great time and hope that you guys come back next year now that your son is read for the 15 under big race!

To confirm, this is the entry in 11-12 results:

17 1416 WARREN PULLIG 8 2:53:03 11 – 12 Year Old SUZ

And you would like us to substitute Warren for your son’s name Wren?

Thanks again,


24 04 2011
Don (17:23:32) :

It’s done Warren. Thanks for coming back this year!

24 04 2011
ben lutsky (22:27:24) :

Thanks don for taking the time to fix the temperory issue with my scoring placement. Your a man of your word and, you guys did a great job hosting the event and putting in hard hours making this possible for all the riders! thanks again

25 04 2011
Don (13:03:06) :

Water under the bridge Ben, sorry to be such an ass but poking the Stumpjumpers in the eye is ill-advised….

Solid finish in the race.


25 04 2011
Tom (13:41:50) :

150 dollars in gas +
huge beer bill +
new tire 75$ +
food +
cool stumpjumper sweatshirt $ 25? ( thanks for the black color) +
race entry fee +
pain and suffering=
one finisher tee shirt.

Well worth it in my book, see you next year guys, good job!

27 04 2011
Jon Buswell (07:14:25) :

Say this weekend was a constant state of disarray. I loved it tho. Don how can I get a type-o fixed with my name on the results?

28 04 2011
Don (10:15:44) :

Jon – Is it just the spelling on your name?

I can take care of it pretty easily, just let me know the class you raced in.



6 05 2011
Marcus (06:51:25) :


Thanks for such a great race. I put together a little video that encapsulates the entire race from the viewpoint of a participant, it is here:




3 01 2012
rich Jahns (15:50:57) :

rsjahns@gmail.com Do you have jack and jill class where they both go at the same time do 50 miles