DNR to Install Ecology Blocks at Reiter

As many of you know, Reiter Foothills, near Gold Bar, WA is a popular ORV area.  You may also know that it is an unmanaged area.  With that, certain locations have become overused, and some streams and stream corridors have experienced environmental damage from a large numbers of riders’ free riding off the trail.

The Northwest Quad Association, Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association, and Reiter Trail Watch have been working with the DNR on other projects to help protect streams, wetlands, fish habitat and to clean up and prevent litter.  In an ongoing effort to protect the Reiter area, the Department of Natural Resources, The Departments of Ecology, The Departments Fish and Wildlife and the Tulalip Tribes have collaboratively identified some on-the-ground interim work projects to protect against further damage.

The next planned work will involve placement of ecology blocks to control access to sensitive areas along Reiter Road and near Reiter Pond where a significant amount of garbage dumping is occurring (see attached map). These blocks are being placed, with support from Snohomish County and Washington Department of Ecology, to eliminate dumping and to reduce impacts to nearby forest and aquatic resources. Primary off road vehicle routes that are currently being used will not be blocked. We expect this work to be completed by mid January 2009.

It is important that everybody support and respect the on-site work that is being done jointly by volunteers and the DNR.

Read the DNR Press Release titled “Agencies and Volunteers Collaborate to Protect Resources in the Reiter Foothills Area” at: https://stumpjumpers.org/wp.sjmc/../documents/2008/12/reiter_dnr_pressrelease.pdf

Read an update about the Reiter Foothill State Forest Planning Process at: https://stumpjumpers.org/wp.sjmc/../documents/2008/12/reiterplanningupdate121708.pdf

See the map where the ecology blocks will be installed at:    https://stumpjumpers.org/wp.sjmc/../documents/2008/12/reiterbarriermap.pdf

 For more information, please contact Candace Johnson at 360-854-2803 or e-mail reiterfoothills@dnr.wa.gov. Please also contact David Way at 360-854-2830 if you are interested in volunteering your time, equipment, or materials for upcoming work projects.  For more information about long-term recreation planning for Reiter Foothills, visit: http://www.dnr.wa.gov/RecreationEducation/Topics/RecreationPlanning/Pages/amp_rec_reiter_foothills.aspx

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