1. Hi,
    I place 2nd in the open C class and was unable to stay till the ceremonies. I was wondering if there were any trophies for “The first loser”?


  2. Looking for information re: noise db for pipes? Have a stock FMF with Spark Arrestor but am curious if there is a noise limit?


  3. Have you guys ever put on a Dessert 200, 300 race? Is there a 12 hour race or 24? I’ve heard of a 24 hour race I believe @ Reiter Pit in Gold Bar but is there a Dessert course style?


  4. C. Edward – You are fine on the noise issue.

    Our 24hr is definitely not desert terrain. Putting on a 200 or 300 mile race is not out of the question but it will need more land and time… the SJMC puts on so many events already that our club seems to work year round so I don’t see us doing that anytime soon.

    Your best bet for endurance desert racing is the 25hrs. of Starvation Ridge in October. Google OTBG or Over The Bars Gang and you will see there event schedule.


  5. Hey, Nate here, Stumpjumper. Good Job Nick on First! Trying to find Seans placment, did not see him. Who is Chris Lathrop? Relitive? Let me know Seans placement, and class. The Odessa record wants to feature them in this weeks paper. email me at nate.lathrop@gmail.com



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