(DNR) Reiter Foothills Update September 10, 2010

September 10, 2010

· September 19 Work Party – Non-motorized Trails

· Progress Report

· What’s Next

    • Sunday, September 19 Work Party

      The objective of this field day is to get more familiar with the non-motorized area and the potential opportunities for non-motorized trails and facilities.  This is a chance to walk the area, and see and discuss trail possibilities.  We encourage anyone interested in being in on the ground floor to join us and share with us your ideas and insight.  Depending on the number of volunteers that attend, we plan to:

      · Collect GPS data the old road grade (proposed trunk trail) and collect data at water crossings and other important features.

      ·       Collect GPS data the existing user-built hiking route through the orange/blue area just northwest of May Creek on the map referenced below. Collect data where the trail is too steep, at water crossings, and other important features.

      ·       Time permitting, we will scout other portions of this area for hiking, mountain bike and equestrian recreation opportunities such as locations for scenic vistas and/or interesting terrain and travel routes.

      ·       Collect resource data, including locations of streams and wetlands.

      You can access the most recent map of the non-motorized area and conceptual trails at:


      Work parties start at 9:30 a.m. and go until 3 p.m. or until we complete the projects for the day.  Meet at the Reiter gravel parking area outside of Gold Bar on Reiter Road. If you plan to join us on this day, please be prepared to hike across rough terrain for up to five or six miles in all weather and carry food and water for yourself.  There are no facilities in Reiter Foothills Forest. It would be helpful but not required if you can bring a GPS unit.

      If you would like to participate, please contact David Way in advance at 360-854-2830.  Also please and let him know if you are able to bring a GPS.

      Progress Report

      We have completed our preliminary field reconnaissance of locations for the 4×4, ATV, and single-track trails and flagged the areas. We’ve also collected most of the preliminary data for the 4×4 areas. The data will help us design the trails, including drainage and water crossing bridges or culverts.

      Our geologist is doing a preliminary review of the proposed motorized trail locations in preparation for the technical reports required for SEPA and for the County.  He is currently defining report mapping requirements with GIS staff.

      What’s Next

      We are continuing to lay out and design motorized trails.

      We are coordinating with Snohomish County to identify permit and report requirements. We know a Land Disturbance Activity Permit will likely be required, and there may be others.
      We are collecting additional data to fill in the remaining gaps in information for the motorized trails such soil type, slope steepness, indications of wet areas that might need extra engineering, and stream locations.  We are scheduling review time with technical specialists—engineers, biologists, and soils/geologists.

      We are working on more detailed trail design for those motorized trails that are not located in critical areas and are proposed for the first phase of construction. Work includes field verification, trail design and construction detailing, drainage and grading, technical reports, cost estimates, and trail construction specifications.  At this stage, we are translating field notes into the GIS which helps display slopes and drainage patterns, and calculating the amount of cut and fill slopes for different types of trail cut  (required for grading permit).

      The next focus group meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m., September 22 at the Snohomish County Administrative complex in Everett. For more information, contact Candace Johnson at 360-854-2803 or candace.johnson@dnr.wa.gov.

      Get involved!

      If you’re interested in helping at Reiter Foothills Forest, we can always use volunteers to help with restoration work and trail planning, construction, and maintenance projects. For more information, contact David Way, 360-854-2830 or david.way@dnr.wa.gov.

      Candace Johnson

      Assistant Region Manager, State Lands

      Northwest Region
      Washington State Department of Natural Resources


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