Reiter Foothills Forest Update Jan. 27, 2011

Using rock on trails

Many people have asked about our plans to use rock on trail surfaces in Reiter Foothills Forest. Rock surfacing helps reduce the potential for resource damage, protects water quality, allows for the maximum season of use, and decreases the costs to maintain the trails. We developed a fact sheet that describes in more detail about why and in what situations we’ll be using rock.

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BPA installing new gates at Reiter

You may notice new gates along Reiter Road. These gates have been installed by the Bonneville Power Authority (BPA) and are important to the success of the DNR’s plans for developing the motorized trail system in the Reiter Foothills. BPA wants to protect their access roads to transmission lines. We need to ensure that these roads are protected and direct recreational use only to built roads and trails in the motorized trail area.

4×4 trail specifications available online

Over the last year, DNR has worked with consultants, biologists, geologists, landscape architects, engineers, foresters, land managers, and recreational users to determine the most sustainable locations and design of the future motorized trails at Reiter Foothills Forest. Part of this planning included working with a landscape architect and engineering team to develop technical trail specifications for the 4×4 trails. We have now posted these documents online:

Reiter Foothills Trail Construction Phase One: 4×4 Technical Trail Design and Specifications
Reiter Foothills Summary: Technical Trail System

Deadline reminder!

The public comment period for the Reiter Foothills Forest motorized trail plan ends on Monday, January 31.
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NOVA grant applications – Letter of support reminder

DNR is applying for two NOVA grants for the Reiter Foothills area. We need letters of support by February 25. If you choose to submit a letter of support for either of the following projects, please remember to include the Project Number and Project Title in your letter. The most effective letters explain why these projects are important to you.

#11-1019 Reiter Foothills Motorized Development. This grant could fund much of Phase 1 construction and acquisition of the proposed motorized trail system. Acquisition would include leases for temporary parking, future challenge areas, and the formal trailhead.

#11-1020 Reiter Non-Motorized Development. This grant could fund the architecture and engineering costs, as well as development costs, of constructing a bridge over Wallace River. This would greatly expand non-motorized trail opportunities in conjunction with Wallace Falls State Park.

Please submit your letters to David Way. If you have any more questions about the details of these grants, contact David at 360-854-2830 or

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