PLEASE ACT NOW, voice against the BAD amendments to bill SB5366

SB5366 (limited 2&4 wheeled ATV use of roads) got a hearing today.

Two amendments were proposed.

If either is adopted, SB5366 must die.

Representative Upthegrove's amendment would along with other things, open the door to closing every ORV area in the state.

Section 3 states:

No person may operate a nonhighway vehicle on public lands
unless the area is designated by the land manager as open for
nonhighway vehicle use, permission has been established, and the land manager has identified that all proper permitting, engineering, and environmental impacts have been addressed or mitigated. This subsection includes the creation, building, and development of a trail or system of trails on public land, in either an organized or unorganized manner, for the purpose of nonhighway vehicle travel.
Driving a nonhighway vehicle on lands that are designated as closed to nonhighway vehicle travel by the land manager is, for the purposes of this subsection, considered a trail building activity.

And breaking this rule while riding would be a gross misdemeanor the first time and a felony the third time.

Riding on an unapproved road on public land with a nonhighway vehicle, even ones open to street vehicles would get you in more trouble than stealing the same vehicle.


This amendment would also require full sized license plates on the front and rear of all ORV

The other amendment is by Representative Armstrong.
He just kicks two wheeled vehicles to the curb and makes it a quad only bill. Really nice considering motorcyclists did the heavy lifting to get this bill as far as its gotten.


The House Transportation Committee has not voted on the bill or the amendments yet.


Please ask them to pass it unchanged or kill it.


Their email addresses:




Fight for your right to ride!


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