NOVA FUNDS ALERT: Contact your legislator NOW!

YOUR Input is Needed…  Please Contact Your Legislator ! 
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Howdy folks,
As the Legislative session is possibly close to wrapping up, once again our Nonhighway and Offroad Vehicle Activities (NOVA) account funds are at risk.  It is time to let your Legislators know that you expect them to do the right thing and make sure that the ORV permit money and ORV use gas tax money goes to the right place.
Hopefully this is the last tough section of the course. Wick the throttle one more time and get us to the finish line.
Here is a sample message.
Use it or much better yet, make your own.
Oh, if you don’t know how to contact your legislators, go to
Happy trails,
Dear (Senator or Representative xxx),
When considering capital budget legislation, please keep the Nonhighway and Offroad Vehicle Activities (NOVA) account in mind.
The NOVA account is only completely self funded form of trail based recreation is our State. 
This account was created when offroad vehicle users volunteered to waive their legal right to a fuel tax refund in exchange for a self-directed state account to provide funding for programs that benefited offroad vehicle activities.
These same citizens volunteered to have their license tab fees increased so long as those monies were also placed in the Non Highway and Offroad Vehicle Activities (NOVA) account.
To redirect the funding away from the NOVA account again would be acting extremely unfairly to the very same citizens that willing gave and entrusted the state their hard earned money.
(your name)

Happy trails,
Tod Petersen
Legislative/Land Use Coordinator
Northwest Motorcycle Association   Email Tod

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