Support new Motorsports venue in Snoqualmie

We need to get as many letters out to the city council of Snoqualmie as we can. A new event venue for racing and motorsports events is trying to get annexed in to the Snoqualmie city limits to avoid the noise ordinance of king county. Stumpjumpers has an open invitation to hold club events there provided the annexation goes through.

You can write a short letter to the Snoqualmie city council stating you are in favor of the Mill planning annexation. Please email you letters to the Jodi Warren.

This could be a huge benefit to the off-road community

Thank you for your help.

One comment

  1. As president of DirtFish Rally School, I appreciate your support, However, I need to clarify a few things:

    1. Our core business is a rally driving school, and that is what we’re permitted to operate on our property. We’re not planning “racing and motorsports events.” We are planning to continue to operate the rally driving school. Our property is not for motorsports events.
    2. Any special event, such as a once-a-year rallycross event would be subject to the approval of a special use permit by the city. Absolutely, we are not turning this facility into a race track of any kind.
    3. As far as we know, King county and city of Snoqualmie noise regulations are the same, and we will operate within them. In fact, whether we’re part of the county or city, we need to operate within their regulations. Being annexed into the city will not allow us to do anything we want – we will operate within their rules and regulations.
    4. We are not planning on motorcycle events on the property. And we have not offered an open invitation to any club or group to hold events.
    5. We’re not a race track. We’re using the existing gravel, dirt and tarmac surfaces for driving training purposes for individuals and groups (corporations, groups, etc.). We don’t even like the term “race track,” as it’s not what we have or plan to have.
    6. We are committed to being good community neighbors, and we respect the concerns of the people who live in the area.

    Obviously, we’d like for people to support what we’re doing, but it’s important that they have accurate information, and support the right thing. I would appreciate if people reading this know that they’re supporting the operation of DirtFish Rally School on the property.

    If you want to show your support, please write the city of Snoqualmie and Kind county council members. You should focus on the positive economic impact DirtFish is having on the area. You should focus on the fact that we’re drawing tourists to the area who are spending money in the area, and yet are not putting a strain on the infrastructure of the city. You should focus on the fact that we’re teaching people to be better, safer and more respectful drivers. You should focus on the fact that we offer a quality product/service, and are a solid business. You should focus on the fact that we want to be good community neighbors. And you should focus on the positive attention we’re bringing to the Snoqualmie area.

    Thank you. We appreciate your support.


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