1. i kinda feel a little ripped off!i think the reason there were so many dnf’s is cause the course was not marked good enough. somehow me and my riding partner missed the pits and ended up at the checkpoint right by the cemetery.which means we obviously cut the course. i did not have enough gas to go any more since i missed the pits but he thought he had enough gas so he went on to finish the race and he got credit for finishing the race even though he cut the course.this was the first year in five where i feel disappointed for spending my money on the race.


  2. I’m pretty positive i never cut the course and i know where i should be on the list only because funky chicken (which i assume is the guy in the chicken suit lol) was right behind me waiting in line at the end… Other than the disappointment of seeing my name on the dnf list, i had a good time.


  3. Best poker run ever, Best race ever, best ride ever, and i really want to thank the guy who picked me up off the dirt after a really bad crash. i had a mild concusion and i think he knew that. He brought me back from lalal land and i finsished he race better then i have ever before (139th). I wish i could have beat my 17 year old son (90th) but i think i am getting to old for that. i guess i will have to take the 13yr old and my wife on next year. LOL. So once again thanks Stump jumpers for the best time ever, or at least the last 7 year i have been going. Signed Crash…


  4. Thank you for an awesome race Stumpjumpers! And to King ranch for allowing us to race on your property. I have always done the Iron Man poker run but this was my first D-100 race. I can’t believe how sore I am, and I am in great shape for a 43 year old who goes to the gym regularly. I placed 35th in “old timers” lol oh well, not bad. No injuries or bike problems, had fun, thats what matters!


  5. First i am compelled to express my gratitude to the King Ranch for allowing all of us riders to come out and tear it up on their property, and second to all of the volunteers for helping the Stumpjumpers put on such a family and friend oriented event. I am sure I will, along with my friends continue to show up for this for many years to come. I also would have to admit that I will take that mud over the dust any day, it sure made for some fun riding. I do feel like the course was a little bit longer this year which is fine by me (hey that is what I am there for) unless I have to get off and push my bike…..lol. I guess in that it really comes down to being prepared. Thanks again and as I sit here reflecting and recovering from the ride, I am already counting the weeks until next year……


  6. Great ride, thanks stumpjumpers. one thing however, I was listed as finishing 411 and completing only 1 lap. I actualy finished 31st overall with a time of 4h:12m or so, and recorded all green, red, blue , black etc. I was in the pit as number 35 as well.I hope this is preliminary. Thanks for the ride.


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