URGENT: Continuance – MXGP Granite Falls needs your help!

The Snohomish County Council has issued a continuance on deciding the fate of the MXGP motocross track in Granite Falls, WA.  The new hearing will be on Monday, March 2nd.

If you have not done so already, please send your letters of support to the County Council.  We need to fill there inboxes, every email helps!

If you want a place to ride in Snohomish County, please email each of the Council members asking them to approve the track. Put something in the subject line like approve track or vote yes for motocross or something like that, be original.  Send a very short email just a couple of sentences. If you live in Snohomish County, tell them you are a  County resident and a voter. Put your full name and address on the email and your phone number. If you don’t live in Snohomish County tell them you will be bringing money into Snohomish County. Please send email to all of the Council members:


If you can attend the hearing on Monday, March 2nd, more information can be found here:

MXGP Granite Falls Facebook page:

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