Stumpie Spotlight – Pete Wisner

Welcome to your “Stumpie Spotlight,” where we feature a new member each month so you can get to know a Stumpjumper a little better.

For our first-ever Spotlight this month, we sat down with Pete Wisner, a Stumpjumper member since 2007, and asked him a few questions…

Pete got his first taste of dirtbiking at nine years old on a lawn-mower engine mini bike. He continued riding until he went in the Marine Corps in 1983 and didn’t get back on the bike until 2006. After attending a few Stumpjumper fundays that same year, he decided to join the club.

Now he rides a 2013 YZ450F and has become very active in the club during his tenure, having held multiple officer and chair positions including the President in 2009 and Sergeant in Arms in 2008. Pete was awarded the 2013 Stumpjumper of the Year.

What is Pete’s favorite Stumpjumper event?

“The Desert 100 for sure!” he said, “I love seeing all the club members pulling together to make it such a successful event. It’s also very rewarding to see all the hours of work that started way back in October to payoff. But the best part of it is seeing all the riders that come out year after year having such a good time.”

Pete has held a chair position for the Desert 100 every year since 2009, either as race chair, co-chair, or sweep captain.

Pete Wisner (right) at the 2013 Desert 100, where he was race chair.
Pete Wisner (right) at the 2013 Desert 100, where he was race chair.

Pete is proud to be a part of the Desert 100. “I’m happy that I had a chance to chair the Desert 100 for a couple years. It’s a lot of work and becomes pretty stressful at times but the feeling of accomplishment makes it worthwhile.”

The wide-open terrain at the Desert 100 is right up his alley. When asked about his favorite type of riding, “The faster the better!!” he said,” I love the eastern part of the state. Saddle Mountain, Goldendale, the Frostbite land in Odessa. China Hat is some of my all-time favorite riding.”

His not-so-favorite riding?

“I wish I was a faster mud rider…I’m a terrible mud rider. Maybe it’s because I hate mud 🙂  I also wish I could stump-jump better…”

When his stump-jump skills are put to the test, however, Pete doesn’t seem to be slacking, having been runner up twice to the seven-time Stumjumping Competition Champion.

Pete 2011 Stumpjumping Competition
A spectator looks on while Pete clears one of the stumps at the 2011 Stumpjumping Competition, a time-honored event for the Stumpjumpers Motorcycle Club.

Not every ride goes as planned, and dirtbiking can have its moments of joy and pain, especially during a race.

“…In 2008 I waited for the clock to expire at the Frostbite GP at Reiter rather than go out for one more lap,” Pete recalled, “It was crazy muddy, I had broken one of my footpegs off and I was brutally exhausted. I ended up losing the Senior A championship later that year by one point. Ha[d] I done that final lap at the first race of the year it would have made the difference.”

Pete World Enduro Canada 2009
Pete racing the World Enduro Canada in 2009

Sometimes the only solace for the pain and the best part of the joy of riding is sharing the experience with friends and fellow members of a club, like the Stumpjumpers. Pete described a few of the funny times during club functions, like falling of a upper bunk of a fifth wheel, watching a fellow ride swap out and into a spectacular crash, and laughing so hard at a post-ride campfire rant that his stomach was sore the next day. He also acknowledged the positive impact of the Stumpie community in meeting good people and friends and the respect he has for the long-time members of the club.

“What we have going on today is a direct result of their efforts.  Several of those members are still very active today and still getting it done!” he said.

Pete sweeping Frostbite and White Knuckle course 2014
Pete sweep riding the Frostbike/White Knuckle course in 2014

What do other Stumpies say about Pete?

One member said that for Pete to have sacrificed two years as the Desert 100 race chair and put forth that kind of effort only to suffer through all the and wear and tear that comes with it and remain active in the club is noteworthy and a clear demonstration of his commitment to the club.

“…I look up to him as a leader. He is bold, intelligent, and assertive,” said another member.

Pete has raced and ridden in Washington, Oregon, Canada, and did a road trip with his son dirtbiking through Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Southern California. He recently returned from a trip to Baja.

He also has a daughter and is usually seen at Stumpjumper events with his girlfriend, Makayle, who has been a big support to Pete and the club. Makayle has volunteered her time at the Stumpjumper fundays Pete has coordinated and put in almost 40 hours of work at last year’s Desert 100.

Makayle and Pete 2013 Desert 100
From left to right: Makayle and Pete at the 2013 Desert 100

In addition to riding, Pete also enjoys soccer, hunting and plays and coaches softball.

Any other hobbies?

“I also like long walks on the beach, bubble baths, and candle light dinners.” He said.

We’re not convinced he’s the kind of guy that is into those things, but come up and say “hi” to him at this year’s Desert 100 and decide for yourself!


– Margaret Bashour, Stumpjumper member

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