Reiter Foothills 2017 Grant Application Support Needed

The DNR needs letters of support for a couple of 2017 grant applications for Reiter Foothills. One is for Maintenance and Operations and the other is for Education and Enforcement.

The DNR would like individuals or organizations to commit volunteer hours, donation of materials, equipment etc. to the projects these grants will fund. If you can’t make a commitment, a letter of support is helpful. In your own words, simply write about why Reiter is important to you.

Commitments can range from the number of hours of donated labor, types of donated materials, equipment, or livestock for work parties or otherwise, donated professional services, or even cash and other funding. If you are unable to commit any of your or your organization’s resources please simply illustrate your public support for the project as a whole. You may also include why you support this project in your own words

For more information, a sample letter, and where to email your letter, click the link below.


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