1. I’ve seen YouTube video of the race and thinking I would like to give it a try this year. I’m wondering about camping…. I have a 40ft motorhome and 20 foot trailer that really needs easy access and flat ground. I would really appreciate some input about what to expect in this regard. Thanks!


  2. Is there any free riding near the camping areas for the kids to ride Friday evening and Saturday day/night?




  3. How late can you show up Friday night and still get in? I’m having to work late and won t be there till 9ish.??


  4. I want to say thank you to all the staff and all the stump jumpers. I have been doing the d100 for about 12 years now. it is the biggest event and weekend my boys and I live for every year, until now. The golden spike is every bit as much fun. I would like to add, the stump jumper staff make it easy for a father to race with his boys. I always feel like my boys are in good enough that I can let go and just for a while focus on ripping it up with them. I have gotten a bit slower in the last few years, and the boys have gotten much faster. I had the best race time ever this years. I got a flat on my first lap changed my tire and still caught back up with my class. I was very happy. The boys did well in their classes to.
    So to all you father who worry about if your kids are in safe hands. I will tell you this, I have little worries when I am at a Stump jumpers event. Except may be “Reiter Pit” that is not the place for a brand new XCW 530, and the last time I went there. LOL.
    So thank you all.
    PS a genital nudge to DOG owners. Please be responsible and keep your dogs on a lease when at events. I saw a few dogs get off their leases and they could have gotten hurt or hurt a rider. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us, and get dogs band at MC events.


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