Desert 100 FAQ

This page contains answers to many of the frequent questions we receive about the Desert 100 race weekend.

General Questions

Q: What dates can I camp?
A: Entrance gate is open Thursday at Noon through Sunday afternoon, participants trying to enter earlier will not be allowed to enter. You may camp through the weekend but must have your site cleaned and leave by Monday Morning 8AM. NOTE: No riding on Thursday or Monday

Q: Is it OK for me to bring my ATV, UTV, SxS, Golf Cart? Can ATVs enter the poker run or race?
A: The Kenda Stumpjumpers Desert 100 is a motorcycle event. Due to the land management ATVs and other non-2 wheel UTVs are not permitted. ATV’s and UTV’s are not allowed anywhere on site, including camp. Do not bring them. You will not be allowed into camp.

Q: Why can’t we have a campfire?
A: There is a strict policy against campfires and any other fires. Our goal is that everyone has an enjoyable and SAFE weekend. You will quickly realize there are literally thousands of RV’s and people camped at the event. The wind blows regularly at Odessa and one burning ember or spark caught in the wind can literally start a wildfire! With the amount of fuel brought in for the event, the confined camping area, dry desert grasses and the relentless wind, a fire would quickly escalate to a situation in which people would not be able to exit fast enough. Please respect the safety of everyone attending by not burning a camp fire. Blatant violators will be asked to leave.

Q: What about my pellet smoker, charcoal BBQ, etc.?
A: The Fire Rule is that if you can turn it off and it goes out instantly, then it is OK. Propane fire rings and propane BBQs are OK. Pellet smokers, wood fires, charcoal BBQs and wood stoves are not.

Q: How much does camping cost?
A: Cost of camping is included in your gate entry fee and is good for all weekend. Gate fee is $10 per person. Kids 12 & under are free.

Q: Is water available in camp?
A: There is no running or drinking water available in camp, you will need to bring your own.

Q: Are there places to eat in Odessa?
A: The town of Odessa has restaurants and a full grocery store. There will also be food vendors on site.

Q: What about cell coverage?
A: We have found that most major cellular providers work at the race site. However the coverage is very limited once the camp gets full.

Desert 100 Race Questions

Q: Do I need to read the Race Rules?
A: Yes. It is your responsibility to know the Race Rules. Please read them and understand them.

Q: Is there gas available on the course?
A: You can only receive gas in the Pits

Q: How long is the course? Can my stock tank make it?
The course is approximately 50 miles in length. 100 mile classes will complete 2 loops and can pit for gas at the end of their first loop (after slightly more than 50 miles). Therefore, your stock tank must provide enough fuel for 50 miles. If you have an MX tank it is suggested you pack fuel (e.g., a number plate can).

Q: How many riders do you expect?
A: On average we receive over a thousand entries for the Desert 100 Race.

Q: Can I pre-register for the race?
A: Yes! Click here to follow a link to the pre-registration form.

Q: My friend / wife / son / girlfriend / buddy / etc. has not come back from their ride / race and I am worried. What should I do?
A: Wait. I know, it is hard. But most often, that lost rider will turn up with a good story. It is surprisingly common to get separated from your group. We have the best sweep team in the world out there helping riders. So after you waited, come check the info board to see if their Bib Number has been posted as broke down, out of the race, or injured. We don’t use names, just bib numbers so hopefully you know what it is. If you see their number on the list, ask a nearby Stumpjumper what to do next.

Q: My bike is out on the course and I want to go get it. How do I get out there.
A: You will not be able to access the course until after it has been cleared of racers. You will know when that has happened because Final Sweep will cross over the stage and the Sweep Captain will do a big burn out on the stage. After that, ask a Stumpjumper to direct you to the Race Chairman who will help you with directions to access your bike. It is really helpful if you know what Mile Marker you were near when you left it.

Poker Run Questions

Q: How difficult is the family poker run? What about the Ironman?
A: We have plenty of small children that complete the course on their 50s. However, there are some tough sections that parents will likely need to help their children on small bikes. The Ironman course is very similar to the family course with extra mileage containing more technical sections. The Ironmen will complete two loops.

Q: I thought I got a free hot dog but they were all gone?
A: Sorry about that, but it is first come first serve. We try to provide enough hot dogs for nearly 2000 riders. We stage the hot dog stand near the 1/2 way point and our workers have it ready by the start of the family poker run. For you dual-sporters and Ironmen leaving early, the hot dog stand may not be setup by the time of your first loop and it’s possible (for Ironmen) that by the time of your second loop we’ve exhausted all the hot dogs, we are sorry about that but hope that you tough guys get some nourishment from the extra dust you ate 🙂

Dual Sport Questions

Q: What bikes are good for the Dual Sport?
A: Your bike must be street legal and be capable of 60 miles before re-fueling. The dual sport runs an optional loop of the poker run course and this section requires a more dirt oriented dual sport depending on your abilities. That is, a BMW GS (or similar) can make it but it is not suggested for a novice rider.