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  1. I am hooked on the dez 100 after the 2007 event…I can not wait till the 2008 dez 100, I think I will run a helmet cam


  2. Get directions to Gold Bar, WA using the map below. Drive about 1 mile East of Gold Bar, turn left onto Reiter Road and follow the orange/black arrows.


  3. On behalf of Deputy Jeff Ross and myself I would like to thank all of you that attended the 2008 Frost Bite Grand Prix. I was very impressed with the sportsmanship of those of you that participated. Normally our attendance at events is not welcomed but everyone seemed happy that we were there. I thank you all for being legally prepared for the event, there were only a few people that didnt have their current registration on their bikes, that was awesome to see. It is apparent to me that the membership of the Stumpjumpers do everything to represent themselves in a positive light to those of us in law enforcement. Look forward to seeing you at the next event.


  4. Is there any posibility that you still have race results from 1985 Desert 100?? (one of the best times in my life)!

    Hoping to make the journey up from Loisiana for the White Knuckle, how long is the short course? I’m old and out of shape now.


  5. Skip,

    Your bike should be fine…just a little more air than normal to prevent pinch flats, ride your own race and most importantly, have fun!



  6. Many thanks to all the Stump Jumpers (and my sister Mary) for a wonderfully muddy Sunday blast. Can’t wait to come visit again.

    Special thanks to Jerry Allen for the trophy, it’s on the mantel!



  7. Good afternoon,
    Jeremiah here, president of Mt St Helens M/C. I would like to get out schedule into your program magazine or flyer. Please call me at 971-203-8202


  8. Hello,

    I do not see future events for 2017 besides the D100. Aren’t there a few rides between now and D100?

    Thank you,



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