Stumpjumpers – May 2009 Newsletter

 *2009 Golden Spike Race Results*


Thanks to everyone for participating in the Golden Spike this year, it was a huge success.  The race results are posted on our website at

Here is a link to a great video of the Golden Spike

Here is a link to a newspaper article about the Golden Spike in the Portland Examiner

Pictures can be found here

*Loss of NOVA funding and DNR Budget Cuts*


The Department of Natural Resources lost a critical source of funding for DNR’s Recreation Program-the Nonhighway and Off-road Vehicle Activities (NOVA) grant program. In the past, NOVA grants provided the DNR with $1.5 million dollars each year to fund maintenance and education and enforcement staff.  In addition to the loss of the NOVA funding, the DNR recreation program lost 60 percent of their general fund monies. This leaves them with $200,000 each year to maintain 33 recreational facilities, 167 miles of trails and the winter recreation program.

This money and more is going to serve your friends at the Washington Trails Association and their interests thanks to their excellent maneuvering and lobbying during this year’s legislative session.

Washington’s State Parks are saved but at whose expense?  How many ORV areas will be closed this year due to budget cuts?

The WTA and other anti-motorized groups won a double victory this year; they secured our source of funding for their interests which will surely result in ORV area closures.  They have reason to be ecstatic over this double win!

The ORV community must not be silent on legislative issues; when you are asked to write an email on a particular issue, ask yourself, if I don’t do it, who will?

Please contact Governor Gregoire at and tell her how thrilled you are that the NOVA funds intended for ORV use are going to the State Parks instead.


*DNR Grant Proposals*

We’ve asked this in previous emails but the DNR is urgently requesting that people participate in this survey.  Since State NOVA funding is gone, the DNR is going for Federal funding which is extremely competitive and they need your help.

Please take a few moments to answer some brief questions at the link below.

Maintenance and operations grant

Education and Enforcement grant

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