NOVA/ORV Tag Money Party – SUNDAY JUNE 14th

NOVA TAG PARTY.  SUNDAY JUNE 14th from 9am to 1pm.  The location will be the Lake Sammamish State Park located in Issaquah, WA just north of I-90.

As you may already know from the many online OHV forums (one of which is linked below) there will be an informal, non-organizational (i.e. no club/organization involved, just friends getting together).

Off Highway Vehicle enthusiasts are gathering for an informal NOVA Tag Party with friends who just like to ride.  Come on down and meet other OHV people who want to change things in WA State.

Make sure that you tell the ranger that you ARE NOT with any club, association, etc.  You are just out to enjoy your State Park with some friends.

As you know, WA State Parks just took all $9.5 million dollars of your NOVA and ORV Tag money and they have not been OHV Positive to say the least!

If you have lost the fire in your belly over this issue, please buy or borrow the July, 2009 (on stands now) DIRT RIDER magazine and read Jimmy Lewis’ article, “The Last Good Ride of the Season”.  It talks about a hand full of people who always fight for YOUR RIGHT to ride while others just ignore the threats and let themselves get pushed around.  Here is a quote from the article, “So if you worry about half of this stuff as much as I do, then do something about it!”

All of the people who are fighting for you have done as much as they can. What we need now is for large numbers of people to rise up and be heard. You have to meet people to make that work.

Make signs, bring your bike or ATV (leave in the truck or on the trailer), or drive or trailer your 4×4. Hang out and enjoy the Park you paid for and is free for you to use.  Bring a BBQ, hotdogs and a check for the Legal Fund to get our money back!

Park your vehicle in the gravel day parking area to the left inside the entrance.

Again, bring your signs, BBQ and kids.  The beach is right there and if it is hot it will be a fun day for swimming, etc.  Also, make sure you bring shade or cover (pop up awnings, etc).

Putting signs in your windows AFTER you are parked would be great!

For more information:

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