2010 Desert 100 – April 10th & 11th

The 2010 Desert 100 will be held April 10th & 11th in Odessa WA.

To download the flyer, click following link or picture of flyer: 2010 Desert 100 Flyer

2010 Desert 100

2010 Desert 100

For more information about the event please see our Desert 100 page



  1. Marvin – The event fliers will go out the first or second week of February, there will be pre-registration form on there for the Sunday’s race only (poker run sign up is done on site). There will be a pre-registration form on our web site too, that you can print and mail in.



  2. We have Six riders from Sandy OR, that are riding Honda 50cc can we get a class? This will be my 3rd year riding my 50cc in this race.


  3. Where do I find information about classes? I haven’t raced in 15 years, am over 40 and would like to ride either my ’78 440 Maico or ’84 SC500 M-Star. I don’t want to race against guys that are 25 years younger on bikes that are 25 years newer.


  4. Charlie,

    We will be running the NMA classes at the Frostbite and Whiteknuckle. More information can be found here:


    Based on your statement, having not raced for 15 yrs, I would say that Senior C class would be your best bet. You will be racing against guys in that class while mixed in with several other classes that start either before or after you.

    Hope to see you out there on that Maico!



  5. Charlie,

    If you are referring to the Desert 100 class system, the flier will posted on our website shortly here:


    In that flier, you will find class information that you can choose from.

    Sorry if I caused any confusion as I originally thought you were referring to the Whiteknuckle and Frostbite that is being held the last weekend in March (Sat and Sun) in Odessa as well, just a different location.



  6. Use the map below to obtain directions to Odessa, WA. From Odessa, head west on W 1st Ave/WA-28. Continue to follow WA-28 for approximately 7.5 miles. Turn right on Irby Rd N and follow the orange/black arrows.


  7. I was 12 years old when the first Mattawa 100 was held. My family lived in Mattawa and owned the little Mom and Pop grocery. What a boost to their little operation. You would not believe the amount of pop, beer and toilet paper that was sold during the race weekend! For a number of years we operated a hamburger-hot dog stand and sold gallons and gallons of Moms homemade chili.

    Talk about something to look forward to! The first race started right at the edge of town, what a sight! Year after year the event got bigger and bigger. Unfortunately, when the Wahluke Slope finally received irrigation water and farms were developed the race was pushed farther and farther out of town.

    I don’t remember there ever being any major crowd problems during the weekend, the county sheriffs did patrol but it was truly a family event. I’m sure there are second and third generation family members who are STUMPJUMPERS. I wonder, are there still Sessions in the club?

    My family has nothing but fond memories of THE MATTAWA 100.

    Thanks’ for the memories STUMPJUMPERS.


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