Straddleline Park Meeting – Needs support

Riders and parent of riders.
We are attempting to convince the Grays Harbor Commissioners to privatize the Straddleline ORV park. It has failed multiple times and we feel it's time for them to give privatization a chance.  This was done in Spokane and Richland and I'm sure you know, they are 2 of the finest overall  ORV facilities with great tracks, in the entire Northwest. 
Bodies need to attend the next meeting on October 18th, next Monday at the Montesano Library to speak out in favor of privatization. Most of you know it will privide a much better riding area than what is there today.  Most of you won't even go there.  But most of you would if it were worth going to.  Please sacrifice a little time to speak out. Having a high quality track closer to where you live will save you a great deal of money and time in the future if the Commissioners can be convinced that the park will be far better for all the customers of the park if it's run as a business were giving good customer service is key to success.

Ted DeVol DeVol Engineering / Pacific Racing Organization

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  1. I`ve been a regular at Straddleline since Grays Harbor County reopened the park in `05. Certainly thier have been some concerns reguarding park managment over the last few years however, many of these issues were adressed to the county commisioners at several “informational” meetings open to the public. The big question now is either let the county continue operating the park as it has, or privatize and let someone else call the shots. Depending who you talk with this could be a good or not so good thing. If the county decides to privatize the park, my main concerns are as follows:
    *How much will it cost for open track?
    *Will year passes for frequent fliers be a option?
    *Will thier still be open rides?
    *How much will the main track change?
    *Can the track be both safer and challenging?
    *Who`s responsible if a lawsuit develops?


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