Reiter Foothills November 4, 2010

November 4, 2010


·       Reminder—Reiter Foothills Temporarily Closed to Off-Road Vehicles

·       Special Field Day and Site Tour — November 14

·       Work Party/Focus Groups Cancellations

·       Next Focus Group Meeting — December 8

·       Special Volunteer Opportunity – Mapping Riparian Area

·       Progress Report

Reminder—Reiter Foothills Temporarily Closed to Off-Road Vehicles

We have recently observed evidence of some off-road travel in the
area. Please remember—and remind others—that Reiter remains closed to
off-road vehicle use while we design and construct trails and do
restoration work. If we are to be successful opening an off-road trail
system at Reiter, it is critical that everyone observe the rules. If
you see illegal use, please call 911.

Special Field Day and Site Tour—November 14

Join us for a special field day on Sunday, November 14, to tour the
locations for the proposed motorized trails at Reiter Foothills
Forest. Here’s your chance to get more familiar with the proposed
trails as DNR prepares the final trail plan and the documents for the
State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review process.

During the field tour, the Deer Creek Flats Road will be open to
licensed street vehicles between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The field tour
begins at the Deer Creek Flats Road, located along Reiter Road 3.8
miles east of the intersection of Reiter Road and Highway 2. Look for
DNR signs. A DNR staff member or volunteer will meet you at the
beginning of the tour.

During that time, the public can take self-guided walks along the
trail routes or view the proposed motorized trail locations from the
road. DNR staff and volunteers will be on site to answer questions and
provide maps of the area.

Please be prepared for all weather and conditions—there are no
facilities or services available at Reiter.

Work Party, Focus Group Meetings Cancelled

Just a reminder, we’ve cancelled the first Saturday-of-the-month work
party for November 6. The next scheduled work party is November 21.
We’ll have more details about the kind of work we’ll be doing in our
next update.

Due to the holidays, we’ve also cancelled the November 24 and December
22 focus group meetings. I hope you all enjoy the Thanksgiving

Next Focus Group Meeting — December 8

The next focus group meeting will begin at 7 p.m., December 8, at the
Snohomish County Administrative complex in Everett. We’ll be meeting
in a different meeting room than usual. Please gather at the outside
door of the building between 6:45 – 7 p.m., and we will direct you to
the meeting room. Please be on time—the doors will be open for entry
only during this time. For more information, contact Candace Johnson
at 360-854-2803 or

Special Volunteer Opportunity—Mapping Riparian Area

One of our upcoming tasks is to map the boundary of the critical area
around Reiter Pond, which is a riparian area, and classify the wetland
per Snohomish County Planning and Development specifications. If you
are a Qualified Wetland Professional and would like to volunteer your
time, please contact David Way at 360-854-2830.

Progress Report

DNR staff and volunteers are continuing to make progress at Reiter.

DNR staff spent yesterday out in the field with a group of mountain
bike enthusiasts doing reconnaissance to identify features and trails
the mountain bikers are interested in.

DNR staff are evaluating trail profiles, calculating cut-and-fill
estimates and quantifying the amounts of material (for example rock,
gravel) needed for phase 1 and 2 motorized trail construction
projects. DNR staff are aiming to wrap up the required SEPA documents
by the end of this month, so that the SEPA review period can begin in
December for the motorized trails system.

We should have a more detailed map for public review soon. For now,
you can access the draft Motorized Trail Conceptual Map at:

Get involved!

If you’re interested in helping at Reiter Foothills Forest, we can
always use volunteers to help with restoration work and trail
planning, construction, and maintenance projects. For more
information, contact David Way, 360-854-2830 or

Get caught up!

Back issues of the Reiter Foothills Forest Updates are available
online at

Candace Johnson

Assistant Region Manager, State Lands

Northwest Region
Washington State Department of Natural Resources

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