1. Greetings from Odessa Foods (formerly Dennys’ Foods) at Odessa WA. We would like to inform you all that this store is under new owner and management and we look forward to seeing everyone.We have up-dated our store and made a lot of changes,and would like the opportunity to serve you. Please stop by and meet our staff and see what we have done. If you need to contact us by phone our number is 509-982-2893. Once again we look forward to meeting you. Sincerely Jeff and Debbie Norris ( owners-Bob and Bonnie Dewey 509-678-4415)


  2. Tad, it’s not a 100% done deal yet but the chances are good that we will be adding an ‘Adventure’ 50 mile class this year. We just want to make sure that we have enough interest before ordering trophys, etc.

    If the class is created we have a very good class sponsor lined up that will provide a great 1st place contingency prize!


  3. I think the Desert 100 race should be routed somewhere through town. That would get more people in town to watch and spend $$$$, plus it mixes up the race course. And that course is getting tired. I know it’s possible. I’ve been to a few races in CA and NV that do this. It just takes the town people to agree.


  4. Mike,

    The Adventure class is open to factory engine size of 652cc. Saturday, there will be a dual-sport poker run with a lot of terrain that the general poker run participants will not see.

    For Sunday’s race, you can also enter the Open class or if age allows, one of the Super Senior, Masters or Legends class.

    Thank you,

    Michael Decker
    D100 Co-Chair


  5. Let me make sure I understand. I have a CRF450X that is street legal that I have taken on 1000+ mile adventure rides. Am I correct in thinking it is legal for the adv. class?


  6. Jimmy,

    Are you thinking of the Dual Sport poker run? If so, then yes as long as your bike is street legal.

    If you are referring to the Adventure class of the race then no. Minimum engine size is 652cc.


  7. You can get permits. I.E. Gabb Nev. Everything from bikes
    to trophy trucks blast down main street and county roads at 100+ MPH during the Vegas to Reno race.


  8. hi, this is gioing to be my first year in the race, i cant wait much longer iam starting to lose sleep!!! i am going to run a 06 kx450 in the 100 mile enduance race but my bike came from the factory with a close course muffler is that going to be aloud or do i need to replace with a forestry a proved muffler ??

    thanks jsampson


  9. I have a 12 year old son who would like to ride the 50 mile event but is a little uneasy about riding it on his own. I would like to ride it with him. Is that possible? Being 49 at the time of the race do I have to enter as a 100 rider (which would be OK) and just ride 50 with him. And are the starts different? Is there a way to do this? It would be huge in our lives to ride it with him.

    Thanks, Joe


  10. Suggest you add something to the Directions & Map page to where the campground is. It currently just points to the town of Odessa.


  11. I ride a street legal KTM that has a Kansas tag. In order to ride the ORV parks I have to have a DISCOVER PASS. Will this be sufficient to ride the dessert 100?


  12. Had a great time on the ironman poker run today. Good weather and lots of fun. Don’t quite understand the poker run though. I got 2-4’s and 2- 8’s and couldn’t wait around for hours to see how it worked out because my ride was leaving. It would be nice to submit them and then be notified. Seems like it would be a lot easier that way.,


  13. Great race great fun and WHAT A TURN OUT> Thanks to all who put this event on I tip my hat (HELMET) to you all Thanks again Don Housley OMRA 28R


  14. Hi Matt,
    While we would love to have all riders stay around for the awards ceremony and raffles we totally understand your dilemma. A good rule of thumb is imagine yourself at a poker table with about 3000 players. If you think your hand will beat 2900 of them or so then hang around for a trophy. I think this year we trophied down to 3 of a kind – Jacks.

    Hope that helps.


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