1. I’m wanting to race the Frost Bite/ White Knuckle GP. When I follow the directions given, on mapquest. It puts the riding area real close to the town. About a mile before Odessa. I was told it’s out in the middle of no-where. Are the direction correct?


  2. Ross,

    Name stems from races we used to hold at different places and times of the year. Due to closure of different riding areas, we kept the names of the events but combined to a single weekend for 2 races in Odessa. One on Saturday and one on Sunday. There is course variation to degree between the two days.



  3. Hi again,

    From youtube clips I gather the events are an extended cross country circuit with obstacles concentrated in one location on the circuit. Is my perception correct? Other than some course variation, are the events similar?



  4. Ross,

    You are correct. It is a cross country race over former farm land (CRP) with some occassional gullies, ravines, etc… Endurocross portion is contained in a centralized location. Route, direction, format will change between the days but expect a faster paced race than a typical woods hare scramble. In other words, gear up a bit!

    Hope to see you there and at the Desert 100 the following weekend.



  5. Going to the “frostbite”. This will be my first time. Do I have to pay any kind of membership or is it just the race fee’s posted on the flyer. $50 to race $10 to park. Im 44years old, want to do the short course on a crf 450, What class do I race in and what letter do I put on my number plates? I have #79 on the bike now, can I put the letter behind the #. Sorry for all the questions, just want to be prepared.


  6. Jeff –

    You will not need any membership to the NMA to race (but it’s a good thing to do in support of your rights to ride). Because you are not racing for series points yet, (if you wanted to race for series points, then yes, you would need an NMA memebrship and comp license), you do not need a special number or letter. The stumpjumpers will likely give you a sticker for your # plate anyway to identify you as a racer in a particular class for scoring.

    Shortcourse 40 + classes –
    Senior B (Intermediate Skill Level)
    Senior C (Novice Skill Level)

    Have Fun!


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